I’ve once again redesigned DerekBrink.com.  I didn’t have a lot to do this weekend, so I worked on that.  What’s there now represents a few hours worth of work, but it’s not done yet.  I miss the drawings I had in the margins of the last version, so I’m going to re-format those and get them back on there.  I also don’t have the downloads or photo gallery up yet…but for once I’ve been thinking ahead, and I’ve got all that stuff READY…it’s just not up there yet.  Mostly, I was just looking to have something a little sleeker, easily update-able, and easier to read.  I think I’ve got that now.


Also, I’ve continued to write it in the third person, to make it look like I have “people.”  🙂


So click on over.  Hope you dig it.


Also, this coincides with me sending the new record out for replication tomorrow (assuming my check is actually showing up as deposited tomorrow…if not…Tuesday).  So expect to see massive amounts of pimping on behalf of that, too.  🙂


Update: Added some sketches and whatnot.  🙂


Current Listening:

  • A bunch of Frank Black…
  • Some new Blue Tattoo demos (mixing)…