Random Thoughts

I feel a little obligated to update the blog, but I don’t have much to say…so here’s another random post.

  • I’m getting like $600 back on my taxes this year.  Somehow I find that suspicious.
  • For those who’ve been wondering, my knee’s feeling better than it was last week, but I’m still a little wobbly.
  • Lost was pretty good last night, but I’m still not sold on the “time-travel” thing.  Nevertheless, they gave out some good stuff in that episode.
  • If you spend less than $10 on something but you’re not happy with the purchase — even if it came out of the BOX broken — you don’t get to return it.
  • My sleeping has been weirder than usual, mostly just in the fact that I’ve been waking up and not remembering having slept.  Probably means I’ve been going to bed exhausted…or that I’m getting sick.  But I don’t feel like I’m getting sick, so I must just be exhausted a lot.  I could see that…been a big week.
  • My old boss is going to be on campus tomorrow…that really makes me want to clean my office, for some reason.  I’m not going to…but I WANT to…so the gesture is there, I guess.  🙂
  • I’m thinking of buying just one or two little things to make my guitar-rig setup a little quicker and more idiot-proof.  Should only be about $100…but there’s a part of me that knows that as soon as I do that, I’ll buy something else and have to redo the whole thing again.  Maybe I’ll wait until Blue Tattoo has another gig on the calendar.
  • Re: Blue Tattoo…  My brother sent me a lyric I really like last night.  It’s called “Livin’ Where the Sun Don’t Shine.”  Funny title…but the lyric’s actually kind of poignant.  I’ve got about six new things to demo.  Hopefully I’ll do that this weekend.
  • Also re: BT…  We slapped together an older song (from mine and Dave’s early pile of demos for the band) called “Forever.”  It came together really quickly and features some freaking amazing slide-guitar work from my-favorite-guitar-player, Chris.
  • I think I might have a gig on Saturday (Valentine’s Day).  I say THINK, because the guy booking it has STILL not gotten in touch with Mike (Feldman) to give him a certain answer.  If we don’t hear by today, I’m actually going to assume we’re NOT playing and the guy’s just trying to not come out and say that.  I’m actually not sure I want to do it anyway since (1) I hate Valentine’s Day and (2) the lack of contact has already left a bad taste in my mouth about the gig.
  • Somehow, I seem to have misplaced some pants.  I’m down to like two pair of khakis from at least four.  Weird.
  • I’ve been getting fast food like every night this week.  I need to stop that.  Although things like St. Louis Bread Co — aka Panera — aren’t really that bad for you and that’s been twice this week…but if nothing else, I should try to save money.
  • Sometimes, I go through peoples Facebook photos for absolutely no reason.  Occasionally I find things I’d like to comment on, but I’m afraid it might seems creepy-stalker-ish for some reason.  Also, girls post more pictures than guys.
  • We get paid tomorrow and the new record goes out for replication no later than Monday morning.
  • I think that if Jesus hadn’t come as a human, he’d have probably been a lemon or an orange…something with Vitamin C.
  • My iPod’s been on shuffle for about three days.  I’ve been hearing some WEIRD stuff.  Like all of that Beatles stuff I downloaded a couple of months ago…there are some things that the Purple Chick people just shouldn’t have bothered with.
  • I’m buying a bunch of comic books from my friend Matt.  I haven’t collected single-issues in YEARS, and I’m afraid this is going to start me down that path.  So…right on…
  • I’ve got a couple of coupons for Barnes and Noble…so I think I’m going to buy the remaining few CDs I don’t own from the Springsteen collection and/or that Kinks box-set.
  • I could really go for a Hot Link right about now…

That’s all, if not too much.  🙂


Have a great not-quite-the-weekend.