Things I Like About Fridays

Contrary to what most of society thinks about their job(s), I actually like mine.  I get a kick out of it and I enjoy the work.  Even the hard/frustrating stuff isn’t so bad, compared to a lot of other jobs (even, I’m sure, other departments I could be working in on campus).  In the grand scheme, I’m very lucky to be where I am and it’s a real blessing to enjoy what you do as a job…


But I’d be nuts and/or lying if I said I didn’t like Fridays most of all…and here’s a list of why…


  • It’s the weekend.  I dig what I do, but a guy needs some time to unwind.
  • I usually do something with my brother, which is always cool (except that this week, I don’t think he’s up for it — but y’know…USUALLY…).
  • I know I’ll get some freaking SLEEP on Saturday.  Being an insomniac, I look forward to not setting my alarm on Friday nights.  You won’t believe it…but I usually don’t roll out of bed on Saturdays until like 3-4 in the afternoon.  It’s the day I make up for being a miserable, tired wreck the rest of the week.  🙂
  • The food.  I usually eat well on a Friday night.  Usually somewhere I don’t normally go or somewhere a little nicer.  Last week, it was Longhorn Steakhouse.
  • Fridays are kind of fun around the office.  There are a few less students around, which sometimes gets a little boring, but the ones who’re there are usually the ones I particularly gravitate toward.  Also, we have shorter hours in my office on Friday, and it’s nice to know there’s one weekday I don’t have to keep track of my cell phone, in case of late-night emergencies.  My office is usually pretty relaxed and enjoyable, but we kind of seem to take it up a notch on Fridays.  I guess it’s probably like that all over, at every job…unless you don’t have Saturdays off, maybe…
  • Shopping.  Best Buy, Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc, etc, etc…  I frequent these places anyway, but I’m much more likely to be there on a Friday than any other day.  I kind of look forward to that…which is kind of a shame in this economy…but whatever.
  • The cafeteria seems to serve really good lunches on Fridays.
  • I usually manage to steal a little time for myself to just read or nap (or whatever) as well.  That’s pretty great.
  • Occasionally my buddies in Men Without Rogaine (an acoustic music duo) are playing somewhere, and that’s always an option.  In fact, that’s probably what I’m doing this week…but since Dave’s probably not in (I’m guessing he plans on spending some time with his wife and daughter rather than watch a band play from 9-1), I’m probably only going to catch a set or two, because I hate doing that stuff alone.  Or maybe Chris will show up…that’d be alright.

So…there ya’ go.  I’m usually a little bit negative on this blog — can’t help that, it’s who I am — but for once, you can say I talked about LIKING something!  🙂


Tomorrow…back to the grumpy.  I promise.  🙂


Current Listening:

  • Springsteen – “Working on a Dream” – Still haven’t actually bought it, but I’ve been listening to it online.  It’s really great.  One minor surprise; on one of the tracks he uses the “f-word.”  Kind of a rarity for him.  He did that on the “Devils and Dust” record as well, and it was kind of a shocker.  On that record, he used it in a way as to actually be kind of inspiring (the lyric being “I ain’t gonna f*** it up this time.”)  On this record, it’s just kind of haphazardly in there.  Kinda weird…but I guess he finally realized that he’s almost 60 and can talk like an adult if he wants to, lol.  Don’t know why I felt like saying all that, since I basically support cursing…but there ya’ go.

3 thoughts on “Things I Like About Fridays”

  1. I like the positive spin today. It is an awesome day for it. Hope your weekend is awesome. Spend some of it outside the weather is supposed to be AMAZING. Here at my job in Chesterfield it is already there. *Coughs* *Grins devishly* maybe I should go home would hate to get my co-workers sick…

  2. fridays were always my favorite afternoons to work…
    except that one semester (year?!) that someone decided the library should be open friday nights! (wtf?) and the twins worked it every week…
    unrelated – do you ever cook?! or do you just find people and places to provide food to you for exorbitant costs? this is not a criticism of your budget or how you allocate funds – but perhaps, an inquiry into your future health and well-being…
    btw – i did read the portions of your book that you posted. don’t have anything to respond, but thought you might want to know i read it – and proofed it – no mistakes!
    have a happy weekend.

  3. I think the Library being open on Friday was specifically BECAUSE the twins wanted to work that night. That was a Terry decision, I guess…

    I do occasionally cook for myself. Though most of the week, I eat lunchmeat and/or soup, or random dishes I’ve bought at the grocery store. I also eat lunch at SLCC most days. So it’s not all things made in buckets full of grease. 🙂

    Thanks for reading the thing I wrote, by the way (Angela). Glad I didn’t mess anything up.

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