I’ve Been Linked…

The people at Obamagab.com have linked to my blog twice.  One link kind of makes sense, but the other seems completely random. 


For those of you who don’t know anything about Obamagab, they’re a site that posts pretty much anything to do with President Obama, good or bad.  I think they just randomly search blogs and news sites with his name or something (because I don’t know how else they could have found me).  They’re actually pretty fair in their reporting, in that they show bias in both directions.  They’ll post something talking about how genius his economic policy is one day, then the next post something calling it the worst piece of trash ever written.  Personally, I like it better when they do the former…but whatever.  🙂


The first of my posts they linked to was the one that started the 30 days of Bush pictures.  That makes sense to me and is actually kind of cool.  When I saw that I thought, “Awesome…someone saw what I was doing and thought it was a good idea, so they started telling others!”


Then came the second link…


They linked to my post listing what I got for Christmas, in which I briefly mention that Susan gave me a magazine detailing President Obama’s rise to the Oval Office.  That post wasn’t political at all, really…I just briefly mentioned him.  That’s when I realized that they found me entirely by accident.


…but whatever…they linked to me, so I’m linking to them now.  Go check ’em out if you’ve got a minute.


…and support President Obama’s economic plan.  He specifically e-mailed me and asked me to spread the word on that one.  (I’m on his bulk-list because I contributed to the campaign…he doesn’t actually know me, ha ha.)


Current Watching:

  • I’ve been going back through the “Father Ted” BBC series.
  • “Lost” has been a little bit of a letdown for me so far this season, but it’s still better than at least 95% of the stuff on TV.
  • “House” has been REALLY good this season, and all those idiots who turned away from the show when the new staff came on should be kicking themselves.  (I may be enjoying this more than “Lost,” in fact.)
  • “How I Met Your Mother” is still holding my attention and making me laugh.
  • Also, I recently caught the Snoop Dogg “Storytellers” on late night cable.  I’ve gotta say, I didn’t like Snoop before and I still don’t…but I’d watch that again.  It was delightful!  🙂