That Was Odd…

I had a post I would have SWORN I put up last night, but now it’s gone…weird.


Well, I’m not going to re-write the whole thing.  It wasn’t that interesting anyway.  The short version is that my brother’s sick so Blue Tattoo barely did anything last night, but we’re hoping to do more soon.  Also I made a few edits to the Introduction page of “Restless,” mainly inserting a paragraph that was suggested to me, stating that I’m not going to be stating the names of people or places from my past that I consider “bad.”  As much as I love burning bridges, there are some things that are just unnecessary…so that should be a relief to…uhh…I don’t know…maybe no one, depending on if anyone’s reading the thing!  🙂


That’s pretty much it.  Still haven’t bought the new Springsteen record, but I have been listening to it on Rhapsody.  It’s really, really good.


Quotable Quotes – All by Johnny Ream:

  • “Technically, I hate you.”
  • “Know what goes great with wine?  Mustache.”
  • “No, I wrote this.  It just happens to sound exactly like ‘Rock Lobster.'”