Postin’ Globes.

So the Golden Globes were on tonight.  I watched them (between typing things) and was largely bored.  Kate Winslett (sp?) kept winning things and crying.  Ricky Gervais was actually pretty funny…but otherwise…blah.  The Golden Globes just don’t seem to MEAN anything.  They’re not the Oscars.  They’re not the Emmys (Emmies?).  They’re just kind of a “let’s throw this against the wall and see what sticks” arrangement of candidates.  It’s not even fairly weighted, pitting movies against TV shows, etc.


That actually got me thinking.  I love TV.  I love movies.  But I don’t regard the two the same way.  I think of movie stars as being generally people who’ve risen above regular TV work and TV stars as people who aren’t ready to do movies yet.  That’s probably an over-generalization…but that’s how I see it.  Like when the guy that played Merry (whose name I know but can not spell) in the Lord of the Rings started doing “Lost,” I thought of it as a major step backwards.  He went from being in one of the most successful films EVER to being on CBS in a show that a lot of people would never see.  Seemed like a demotion to me, even though I think “Lost” is genius.


Now, if someone does a guest spot on TV, that’s a fun treat.  If Elijah Wood wants to walk onto the set of “House” and get slapped around by Hugh Laurie for an hour, that’s pretty cool.  In fact, to me, it seems like Elijah’s given “House” his thumbs up, and lent it some credibility.  After all, if some movie star thinks it’s okay, they must know, right?  I mean, movies are like TV grad-school to me, so a guest spot from a movie star is like a temporary doctorate or something.


…how crazy am I sounding here?


Anyway…yeah…Golden Globes kinda bored me.  However, it did usher in the first of the “major” awards to bow under pressure and award a posthumous award to Heath Ledger for his work in “The Dark Knight.”  I loved the movie, and I think Ledger would have deserved the award even if he lived…but let’s be honest.  If Heath Ledger hadn’t died, there’s no way any of the “major” awards would give any award to a Batman flick that wasn’t sound, effects, or costumes.  Certainly not a “Best Supporting” award.  Despite the landslide that LOTR got a few years ago, the various academies and whatnot just don’t dig fantasy.  Ehh…I shouldn’t complain.  He got what he deserved (and probably will at the Oscars, too).  Shouldn’t matter to me HOW he got it, I guess.  Shoot, maybe he’ll be the guy that finally wakes people up to the concept of judging fantasy on its own merit.  But I doubt it.


Wow…this post lacked more focus than usual…


(BTW – As I’ve been noting, starting tomorrow I’m going to bed a little earlier because of having to open at work this semester…so my posting will be getting weird in its frequency.)


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (8 days remaining in term):

My title for this one is: “True Love.”


Music — Doubts and Confidence

Had a gig with the Feldman Group tonight.  I didn’t enjoy it very much.  I didn’t think it sounded good.  I thought we were off, that the mix with the new guy wasn’t gelling (no offense,new guy), and that overall it was really rough.  Weirdly, I think I was the only one that felt that way.  I’m not sure if that says more about our ability to pull off a good show despite the obstacles, or if it says more about my inability to enjoy myself in a new/difficult circumstance.  I’m starting to doubt my role in the group, to be honest (which I can say since Mike doesn’t read my blog).  I’m not quitting tonight or anything…but I do need to figure out how I fit in now, if I’m going to be hanging around.  I’ve had a few too many gigs where it’s been about the money, and music can’t can’t CAN’T be like that for me.


On the flip side of that, Blue Tattoo has been sounding great.  Better than we ever have, I think.  The gig next weekend should be excellent.  I’m looking forward to it.  Though I’m hoping the other guys don’t want to over-rehearse for it.  I’m hoping to only rehearse on Tuesday, but I fear that they’re going to force me to do another one.  I don’t like too much rehearsal.  I think it makes things feel stale.  I want to re-string my guitars on Tuesday night, break in the strings, and leave them alone until the day of the show…but I get the sense I won’t be able to do that.  I won’t piss and moan about it too much though…we all have our “process.”


The other guys seem a little nervous — which I get, since they don’t perform regularly.  They shouldn’t be nervous, though.  They sound great.  Me, I’m ready to walk on stage right now and give a good show.  It’s only a half hour.  In my world, that’s almost like blinking.  I’m ready, and I’m looking forward to it.  I wonder if anyone will be recording?  That’d be cool.


So…that’s how things stand musically at the moment.


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (9 days remaining in term):

I’d like to title this one either “What Could Have Been” or “Narrow Miss.”  Take your pick.


Single digits have never looked so glorious to me.  Political post forthcoming on the last day, btw.  Get ready to be pissed off if you’re not one of my Liberal readers.

Here We Go Again

The new semester starts on Tuesday.  As a faculty member, that’s a weird thing.  It gets dull on campus (especially in the Library) when students aren’t on campus…but you do have more time to get work done.  Kind of a catch 22.  When the students are there I wish I had more solitude, then when they’re gone I think it’s boring.


However, this time, I really could’ve used another week or so.  There’s a LOT I didn’t get done that I intended to.  The week of Christmas, I was just kind of going through the motions, so that was my fault…but this past week, when I thought I’d get a LOT done, I barely made a dent.  Seems like everything took a whole lot longer than it should’ve, including my drive to work.  (By the way, city of Florissant, it’d be great if you didn’t do construction on EVERY street that could conceivably get me to work at the same freaking time.)


So…I’m likely to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off during the first week.  I’m planning to look incredibly unprofessional and spread-too-thin.  Hopefully the students will take it in stride — but they tend not to.  The type of student who’s in the Library in the first week of class is usually the type of person who thinks you should have all of your ducks in a row, months before they’re even hatched.  Part of me hates them…then there’s the part of me that knows they’re what keeps me employed.  Another catch 22.*


So…with the Blue Tattoo gig coming up (Jan. 17, 2009 at The Chapel; $5 – which buys you two free drinks!; Doors at 7:30; we go on first and play a half-hour set; please go to it), I’m just hoping I won’t be absolutely exhausted for the show.  I’m getting up way early (for me) beginning on the 13th, because I’m opening this semester.  I’m kind of looking forward to that, so I can go home while there’s still some sunlight left…but I’ll be tired.  Also, I’ve been experiencing some significant pain in my left shoulder and pectoral (again), which means somehow I blew it out (again)…so that’s wearing on me too, this week.


Wish me luck.


(* – Of course I’m kidding.  I like the students…especially the responsible ones who take the initiative to get good grades.)


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (10 days remaining in term):

This is George with his brother Jeb.  Looks like whatever it is…it runs in the family…


You Stop Having Birthdays When You Die

Today would have been Elvis Presley’s birthday, if he hadn’t died. 


Now…as many of you know, I’m an admirer of Elvis.  I think he did some great work and turned the entire genre in which he worked on its ear, indeed CROSSING genres to have a very significant and prolific career.  But, as much as I appreciate him…


ELVIS IS DEAD.  Therefore we no longer have to celebrate his birthday.  He died, on a toilet, before I was even born.  I really don’t care how old he would have been if he’d lived.  He didn’t live.  I’m guessing he doesn’t really care how old he’d have been today either.


I kind of get why people still mark the date of his death…though I think we’re at the point where we really only have to care about the years ending in “0” now.  Let’s all agree it was sad back in 77, and we’ll do something big for the 40th, but until then we’ll just keep the news-channels free for actual news.  But it mystifies me that people continue to celebrate (or in some way memorialize) the birthdays of people who’ve died, no matter their stature.  I can see if it’s a family member or friend saying, “This would’ve been _____’s birthday” in the first couple of years after their death, but still…life goes on.  Other people have birthdays.  Celebrate those.


In that spirit, I’d like to wish David Bowie a happy 62nd birthday.  It’s HIS birthday today (since he’s still alive).  Hope it was a good one.  Also, he’s the same age as my dad.  And they both had their heart attacks in the same year, receiving the same surgery to correct the problem.  And both have the initials “DB.”  …had Dad been born in England, it could’ve been a quite different musical scene…and my mom might’ve been Iman.  Near miss…


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (11 days remaining in term):


(Also, just a note.  My work schedule changes beginning on Jan 13, and I’ll be opening the Library.  I’ve been posting these blogs after midnight every day so they’re up at the first moment of the day…but I’m not too likely to do that henceforth, since I’ll hopefully be going to bed a little earlier.  So look for updates daily…but not necessarily at the START of the day.)

Things That Bugged Me Today

Here’s a brief list of things that bugged me today…

  1. My bank apparently doesn’t have one of those machines that counts your change for you.  That made cashing in the $300 of Library change I had to take care of this morning difficult.
  2. If I wanted to use MS Outlook’s calendar function, I’d use it.  Sending me calendar updates that I’m supposed to then put on my Outlook calendar doesn’t do much for me, since I don’t use that.  In fact, I find it a little presumptuous.
  3. Facebook shouldn’t tell you which people are NOT attending the event you posted.  It just gets depressing once it starts getting into the double digits.
  4. I’m not going to buy your book just because you called my office.  So, Greyhouse Publishers, please stop asking me if I want a “free preview” of your new titles.  I don’t.
  5. I like Jesus as much as the next guy…but if I didn’t TAKE a photograph that appears on a magazine, it’s not my job to determine it necessary to be censored after the fact, just because Jesus is apparently telling YOU it’s too sexy.
  6. Why wouldn’t the stamps at the library go to 2009???  Why would they stop at 2008, then have like five blank spaces?  That’s ridiculous.  Now I’ve got to find out not only where to buy those, but how much they cost.
  7. I thought having a mailbox entitled me to have my mail DELIVERED…but I guess not.
  8. Just because I’m feeling better, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel under the weather.  I still need a day or two to be fully functional.
  9. Heartburn…
  10. I had something handed to me today that should have been taken care of WEEKS ago, and it was handed back to me in the same form as when I sent it out…which means no one did ANYTHING with it…including the person in charge, whose desk it was definitely on.
  11. My back hurts.
  12. Columbo had absolutely NO evidence in that episode with the chess players.
  13. Now I’ve got to sleep so I can go to work again…and I’d much rather stay up watching DVDs.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll do a list of stuff that went WELL in the day…but that doesn’t seem likely, given my history on this blog.  🙂


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (12 days remaining in term):

“Say whaaaaaat?”