Update on an Old Story

If you’ve been following my blog for a couple of years, you may remember that some time ago I was concerned about some odd phone calls to my cell phone.  At the time, some lady was calling me a LOT looking for some guy called “Gary” and not believing that she had a wrong number.  Apparently she hadn’t seen him for a couple of days and was trying to figure out what happened to him…


I don’t know what happened to Gary then, but I at least know he’s alive now.  She’s called me twice this week, again looking for him.  (I remember her voice, and it’s from the same 573 area code.)  Figured out what the problem is…he has my same phone number, but in the 573 area code, as opposed to mine in the 314 area code.  She just needs to dial the area code first…but unfortunately, she seems to keep forgetting that.


So…Verizon Wireless…please stop assigning the same phone number to multiple customers.  You’re making stupid, stupid things happen…but on the other hand, at least now I know the end to that story…and so do you!


So…thanks for reading for two years waiting on that “to be continued” cliffhanger, I guess!


Current Reading:

  • A bunch of random short stories by H. P. Lovecraft.  Spooooooky!!! (*wiggly finger-gesture-thing*)

The Three Heads…

As you may know (and if you do, I encourage you to diversify your time by reading other blogs) I am in three musical projects.  Just to clarify the projects, I thought I’d do a small write-up for my blog…also, I’m bored and can’t think of anything else to write.


Project #1 – Derek Brink

I do a lot of solo work.  Two records are currently available.  One is about to be released, once I have the money.  I do a ton of writing and every once in a while, I have enough stuff that I think is good enough to warrant a record.  That’s how my solo work is born.  However, I’ve made the pledge that my solo work will soon largely cease as I focus on writing and performing with Blue Tattoo.  That doesn’t mean I won’t do anything as a solo artist.  I’ll still do one-off gigs (which, actually, is pretty much how I’ve run my solo act so far).  I’ll still write stuff that I think of as “mine.”  I may even still record here and there…but I won’t be FOCUSING on it.  More than likely, my solo stuff will be released as web-downloads for the foreseeable future, after the third record is out and I’ve done a couple of gigs to whore it out.


I should say, though, that I really like working as a solo artist, because it gives me license to do pretty much anything.  I can be as weird as I want and people kind of say, “Meh…it’s a solo record.  That’s fine.”  🙂


Project #2 – Blue Tattoo

This is where I’m focusing most of my attention.  If you’ve been following the blog, you’ve recently read a LOT about our first gig.  Hopefully there’ll be a second one soon.  Hopefully, we’ll also be doing some more recording soon.  A full-length-record this year is, I think, plausible.  T-shirts?  Why not!


I love this band.  I’m more proud of this band than of ANYTHING else I’ve EVER done.  I want it to succeed (which doesn’t mean world-tours, international stardom, etc…it means whatever it means, and I’ll know it when it happens).  I want this to be as good as I think it is and deserves to be.  I also really dig working with other people involved in the creative process.  In my solo gig, I have final edit and whereas others can suggest things, what I say goes.  In Blue Tattoo, if I’m out-voted, I lose.  Sometimes that pisses me off…but a lot of the time, I end up really liking it and the decision was the right one.


You only get one favorite project in life…and I’m pretty sure this is mine.


Project #3 – The Michael Feldman Group

This isn’t my project, obviously, since it’s named after some other guy.  I play bass for Mike, and I have for like 6-7 years in various incarnations of his band.  It’s fun most of the time, but sometimes gets a little wearing.  If I’m honest, this is exactly the type of band I never thought I’d be a part of.  It’s a cover-band, playing in mostly crappy bars for money.  (I refer to those gigs as “Play Me, Pay Me” gigs.  It’s pretty much only about the money most of the time.)  I get a kick out of it…but it’s not really anything I put a ton of though or effort into.  Worth seeing…but I doubt we’ll ever have t-shirts for sale or anything like that.


Hope that clears things up for anyone who was confused.  When blogging in the future, I’ll try to clearly express which project I’m talking about.  🙂



Current Listening:

  • Glasvegas – self-titled.  Hadn’t discovered this in time for my “Best of ’08” list, but it should probably be on it.
  • Extreme – Saudades de Rock (New record, as of 2008).  Haven’t fully absorbed this one yet, but I’ll keep you posted, I’m sure.
  • Bunch of Beatles…

Apparently Obama’s Responsible for Every Abortion Now?

Fair warning…I’m going to blindly rant, and I don’t mean some of it…so keep that in mind…and enjoy!


I’ve read in the news that anti-abortionists are now worried about “setbacks” because Obama’s in office.


My question is this…  Setbacks from WHAT?  What exactly did the eight years of a Republican “President,” several of which included a Republican-run Congress get you?  Did the Republican Party really go out of their way to pass new legislation?  Did they do anything to regulate abortion?  Did they determine if it’s a national issue or one that should be handled on the State level (as has long been the debate)?  Did they do…I don’t know…ANYTHING to help your cause?


Let’s face it folks, the Republicans have shown as much apathy to the abortion issue in their deeds as the Democrats have traditionally shown in their words.  The only difference is that the Republicans trot it out and pay it lip-service any time an election’s coming up.  If there were EVER a chance of abortion being outlawed, it was under Bush, and he didn’t do a THING to make it happen.


Don’t worry about Obama…worry about the fact that NO ONE in your government is ever going to put his career on the line to significantly address the issue…you need to learn to accept that.


…and let me just raise this question…


If we outlaw abortion — being that it’s “murder” and all — what do you suggest we do with the women who then illegally terminate their pregnancies?  It’s still going to happen.  Some will drink.  Some will pay for a back-alley coat hanger and vacuum cleaner job.  Some will down pill after pill until the kid gets flushed out somehow.  Some will just ask a skinhead to kick them in the stomach.  But there WILL still be women who terminate their pregnancies.  What do we do with them?  Are they to be arrested?  Do they get put on death row for murder?  Do they pay a fine?  …or are you going to stand by your trumpet-call of “They have to get themselves right with God” and just let them get away with, as you put it, “murder?”


Look…I’m pro-life.  But this issue is NEVER going to change, and that isn’t Obama’s fault.  It’s the fault of our society, it’s the fault of a fallen-world, and it’s the fault of people who just don’t realize that they can always just NOT have sex with someone — unless of course they’re raped, in which case you have no more right to force a baby into their body than the rapist did to force in his…well…let’s skip over that part.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to talk people out of abortions.  I’m just saying you need to figure out where to put the blame.  If you’re going to blame Obama (on roughly day THREE, no less)…then let’s also blame Bush, Clinton, Other Bush, Reagan…etc, etc, all the way back to the Founding Fathers.  And while we’re at it, we may as well blame God for giving us free-will in the first place — perhaps the BIGGEST “setback” of all being that so few of us choose to use our brains.


…and the kicker is…my argument doesn’t sound any crazier than yours, even though it’s full of just as many holes.

Random Stuff

Sorry about not blogging yesterday.  Had a busy day, then LOST came on and did a 2-hour premier…so the day was shot.  🙂


Here are a few random things that don’t really fit into their own post.

  1. My friend Nikomas posted a really good post at his blog about how, since Obama’s second term (fingers-crossed) would end when Nikomas hits the age of 35, he’d like to be the first Mexican President.  Read it here.  Suggested campaign-chant: “Yes we Mexi-CAN!”
  2. Something funny that happened at the Blue Tattoo gig last weekend that I forgot to mention.  As I said, Dave, Chris, and I all had colds.  After our set, Chris and I were sitting backstage in the “Green Room” and we both had Honey-Lemon Halls in our mouths and were relaxing.  His wife came back and noticed the smell of the Halls…  I don’t remember which one of us made the comment, but it was something to the effect of “This is how you know your band is getting old.”  No sex and drugs…just Halls and Sudafed.
  3. I finally have gotten into the British main-stay sitcom “Blackadder.”  For some reason, I never bothered with it.  I’m up through the end of the third season.  Over all, the first has been my favorite, but the third probably made me laugh the most…and it has Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in it.
  4. I think there’s a pointy thread or something in the shirt I’m wearing today.  I’m getting an occasional painful poking feeling in my left arm, just below the shoulder.  It’s distracting.
  5. If you know who took the Ken Davis DVDs from the Library, could you please ask them to return them?
  6. I’m finally Facebook friends with Jason Kinder.  We went to college together for a while and were united by a love of Iron Maiden.  Stuff like that is one of the few things I like about the Information Age.
  7. My sleep schedule’s still really screwed up from when I was sick last week.  I feel better, but I can’t seem to sleep during reasonable hours.
  8. LOST was pretty good last night.  I have no idea why they feel the need to bring Mrs. Hawking back out of nowhere like that (I had to go to Lostpedia before I even knew who she was)…but otherwise, I enjoyed it, even though I hate time-travel as a plot-device.
  9. I ended up late to work today because I got stuck behind a car accident.  Super sorry, Library patrons.
  10. Much as I hate text messages, I’m thinking of upgrading my phone to one with a texting keyboard.  A lot of people have started texting me lately, and if I MUST text someone, I at least want to be able to find the damn letter I’m looking for.  But until that time, don’t expect to hear back from me by text.  Especially if you’re someone I work with.  I will not text professionally.
  11. I’m trying to cut down on how much paper we use in the office.  I think we’re probably one of the biggest paper-wasting offices on campus.  I’ve already eliminated one set of fine slips, and I’m cutting more this week.
  12. I have to write something up to explain why I HAVEN’T been spending ENOUGH money from my budget.  That’s just confusing.  I’m thinking of beginning it with “Because we were told not to…”  Not too big of a deal, just kinda made me laugh.
  13. I guess I’m a little hungry, but I don’t really feel like eating.  That’s exactly backwards from what I usually have.
  14. I’ve got a friend who’s doing some “mission” work right now…but the thing is, they’re not doing it because they feel “called” to do so, but instead because they think it’s a noble and romantic thing to do.  I hate to be the guy that says it, but the way I’ve seen God work in those situations…  This person is probably destined for either complete failure, or they’ll store up all their treasures on Earth.  I know that seems mean-spirited…but this person’s also done at least three different “relocations” of their “ministry” in the past five years because “God just didn’t open a door there.”  I’m all for missions, if someone’s heart’s in it…but in this case?  Take the hint.  Go home.
  15. Tacos = Awesome.

…and for anyone that didn’t see them on my Facebook page, here are some pics from Blue Tattoo’s gig…















For the most part, if you’re wondering what’s going on in a given shot, ask me in the comments…but I will say that I got some serious air on that jump at the end there!  🙂


Quotable Quotes:

  • Me, Re: A Pinched Nerve – “…she’s probably never pinched anything in her life!  That came out sounding sexy…but you know what I mean!”
  • Conversation on LOST last night:
    • “Take this.” 
    • “What is it?” 
    • “It’s a compass.”
    • “What’s it do?”
    • (Brief pause) “It points North.”
  • Chris Matthews, Re: Teddy Kennedy’s hat: “He didn’t get that hat in Ireland!  That’s a hell of a hat that guy was wearing! He reminds me of Don Corleone in that movie.”

If I had just waited a few hours…

I’m sorry…I know I said the last photo I posted was the “final” Bush Picture of the Day.  Little did I know that I’d see the following a few hours later and feel OBLIGATED to post it.  It’s just such a great picture (and I’d like the vibe of it no matter who was in it).  Don’t know where he got it (though I’m sure he provided a link)…but my friend Jon over at Bits & Pieces posted this a little while ago and I wanted to share it with anyone who doesn’t go to his page (even though they should).



The Day Has Come — Updated, Post Oath of Office

I’m going to post more thoroughly once I’ve seen the Inauguration (which I’ll either have to watch online while at work or afterward).  For now, I’ll just post the FINAL George W. Bush Picture of the Day.  I like the look on Bush’s face in this one.


My title for this one, as the Beatles once said…  “Hello Goodbye.” 



Update as of the Speech…

I’m a little bummed that all I’m going to hear for the next four years is that the most eloquent speaker we’ve seen on the White House lawn since Clinton stumbled over his words during his Oath of Office…but to be fair the guy swearing him in was giving him huge chunks all at once…and he gave him the wrong word-order to the second part.  It’s traditionally, “I _____ promise to faithfully execute…” but he put the “faithfully” at the end of the sentence.  Doesn’t make much difference overall, but I think Obama expected it the other way around.


The subsequent speech was awesome, though.  Shorter than I expected…but awesome.  (Much of this post was written during it.)  Unfortunately CNN’s web-feed kept jumping.  But I did like how he kept referring to “rebuilding” America.  I think we need that in this country right now.  I know it’s going to be a long road and we can’t expect the promised “change” overnight.  I just hope we’re all willing to work as hard as we need to.


I also like that he immediately addressed the recession.  I’m glad he didn’t just make a rah-rah, “let’s party!” speech.  I’m also glad he mentioned Iraq.  Can’t forget about America II, over there.  He even brought up terrorism — something I’ve heard a lot of people speculate he was going to be ignoring in his term.


One of my MOST favorite things was when he said we’re a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Non-Believers.  I think people forget that…I’m glad he acknowledged everyone (except the Buddhists…and Mormons…and Pantheists…etc…but at least he tried…).  I’m sure the Christian blogs will be lit a-flame with outrage by that one…but I think it’s more important now than ever to remember, as he said, “The world has changed, and we must change with it.”  America isn’t a Christian nation…it’s a sovereign nation, made of many people and their pantheon of beliefs.  I may think that a lot of them are wrong…but that doesn’t make them any less human and any less worthy to have their voices heard.  I’m glad we have a President who recognises that.


That was the first time I got to call him “President” in his term, there…  🙂


I’m not going to get all high and mighty about it…I did that yesterday, I think…but I am going to say God bless America…and I’m glad that for the first time in eight years, I feel like I’m a man WITH a country.  Thanks for that, President Obama.  (I stopped watching when he stopped talking…so hopefully nothing else awesome happened once I clicked the “close” button.)  🙂


…and for the record, I feel a little bad for Dick Cheney throwing his back out.  Not TOO bad, but a little bad.  I wish he’d have at least gotten to go out in a dignified way, under his own power.  Everyone deserves that.

The End of an Error

I apologize in advance to my Republican readers who deserve better than this.  Please know I take no issue with you personally.  You may, however, wish to skip over this one.  Any comments that are abusive, personally insulting, or slanderous will not be approved, responded to, or read.  You can disagree…but you don’t get to name-call.  I’m going to assume that at least most of us are adults and can deal with this though.  For those who are offended, I thank you for your tolerance, and I am deeply sorry if it comes across that I am not similarly displaying it.


Today is January 19.  Tomorrow, Barack Obama becomes the new President of this country.  At one point, I was so excited about that I almost forgot…  Tomorrow, George W. Bush leaves the White House.


I’ve made a concentrated effort to be kind in victory in the wake of Obama’s election.  I genuinely respect my Republican friends and I hope the times forthcoming are less difficult for them than the past eight years have been for us Dems.  However, no matter how much I may respect my friends and those who I believe are the MAJORITY in the Republican party, who mean well and have to do the best with the candidates they’re given…I will never respect George W. Bush.  The man has run this country into the ground both domestically and in the eyes of other nations.  I have never been so happy to know that someone was moving in my life.  I hope his sofa gets lost en-route.  I only hope Mr. Obama can do something to renew some of our street cred with the world.


To mark Bush’s departure, I wanted to provide everyone with a brief timeline of events that will perhaps go some way in explaining the outrage that 73% of the country has been displaying during Bush’s term.  This is a timeline, dating back to the year 2000, chronicling just a FEW of the things that have been done by the Bush administration that have been morally questionable in the eyes of many.  (Keep in mind that I am addressing the ENTIRE administration, and whereas some of these items were not direct actions performed by Bush, they would have at least met with his OK.)  I have done my best to remove any editorializing (save for a couple of light-hearted jokes I couldn’t resist) and just present solid facts.  Unfortunately, I fear that this is still going to come across fairly brutal.




  • November 2000
    • Bush declared winner of election while it was still too close to call, resulting in mass confusion. The initial error is traceable to his brother Jeb’s political district.
  • December 2000
    • Bush officially declared winner, even though a majority of Americans did not vote for him. Whereas this was a fair win based upon the rules of the electoral college, the majority of American voters (the Popular Vote) did not elect George W. Bush. This has happened four other times in American history, last occurring in 1888 when Benjamin Harrison won. Harrison lost by less than 100,000 votes, comparable to Bush losing by more than 500,000 votes. (And before anyone chalks that up to population increase, the same situation in 1876 occurred when Hayes lost the popular vote by over 200,000…so numbers — as we all knew already — aren’t everything.)
  • March 2001
    • Bush denies new standards for arsenic in drinking water. This would lower the EPA’s final arsenic standard to a level equivalent to an outdated standard established in 1942. As a result, some areas of America continue to enjoy water with 90 parts per billion of arsenic, rather than the EPA recommended 10 (or less) ppb.
  • May 2001
    • Administration plans to privatize many FEMA functions, thereby weakening their response capabilities. At this time, the FEMA director stated that there was a strong possibility for a “catastrophic disaster” to America should a hurricane hit New Orleans.
  • August 2001
    • Bush takes a month-long vacation. During this time he receives an Intel briefing titled “Osama bin Laden determined to strike in US.” Upon receipt of this briefing, the President lept into action by continuing his vacation.
  • September 2001
    • In the wake of 9/11, during clean-up and rescue efforts, the White House pressured EPA officials to downplay the risks of breathing the air at ground zero.
    • Days after 9/11, Bush delivered the statement that: “This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while.” Thereby using the term “crusade” (a religious term to the nations soon to be bombed), and also — for the first time in American history — officially declaring war on an abstract concept rather than a nation or alliance.
  • December 2001
    • John Ashcroft states that critics of the Bush Administration “give ammunition to America’s enemies.”
    • The Bush Administration, having identified Osama bin Laden as the man behind 9/11 and noting that he is suspected (if not confirmed) to live in Afghanistan, begins planning to declare war on Iraq.
  • January 2002
    • Gitmo opens. Bush declares to the world that the “Geneva Conventions don’t apply there,” thereby sanctioning the United States of America’s armed forces and government officials to employ torture techniques on anyone detained, regardless of justifiable proof of guilt.
  • March 2002
    • The White House asks the NSA to begin placing wiretaps with no warrant required.
    • Bush states in a press conference that he is “not that concerned” about finding Osama bin Laden, who in 2009 has still not been brought to justice for his planning of 9/11.
  • August 2002
    • Justice Dept. lawyers draft the now infamous “torture memo.”
  • November 2002
    • GOP jams Democratic phones in New Hampshire election; White House is tied to one of the jammers.
    • Bush aggressively opposes and tries to thwart the creation of the 9/11 Commission. Upon failing to do so, he names Henry Kissinger to head it. Kissinger’s relationship with the Commission lasts less than two weeks.
  • January 2003
    • In response to errors in the State of the Union Address (in which the President claimed, among other things, that Iraq had bought arms from Niger, and in which the foundation of the Iraq War was laid) the official line delivered by White House officials is that the President “is not a fact-checker.”
  • February 2003
    • Colin Powell presents Iraq intel to the UN which was shortly thereafter noted to be at best misinformed, or at worst falsified.
  • March 2003
    • The US invades Iraq, dropping the first “Bunker Buster” bomb at Bush’s direct order before the designated time that the entire world was informed the war would begin (that is a war crime, by the way).
    • Bush clearly states at multiple times that the effectiveness of the war will come down to the “single question” of WMDs. Update as of 2009: Though discarded materials were found that were buried sometime in the 1980s, there have as yet been no Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq and all appearances indicate that the country was disarming as they had been claiming (which was the primary reason given for going to war).
    • FEMA is downgraded and made a small part of the Department of Homeland Security.
    • Halliburton wins a now infamous $7 billion, 5-year, no-bid contract in Iraq.
  • April 2003
    • In response to looting by American troops in Baghdad, Donald Rumsfeld concisely states, “Stuff happens.”
  • May 2003
    • “Mission Accomplished” is declared. (2009 Update: Over 4000 American troops have died. Control of Iraq has yet to be handed over to its native leadership. Troops have not been removed. Bush himself concedes that use of the phrase “Mission Accomplished” was a “mistake.”)
  • June 2003
    • Bush becomes first President to visit Auschwitz concentration camp while in office. Emotionally overcome by what he sees, Mr. Bush declares, “We just should have bombed it.” Of course, he was referring to the train track leading to the facility…but funny nonetheless.
  • March 2004
    • At the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner, Bush mocks his administration’s inability to find Saddam’s apparently nonexistent WMDs, stating, “Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere.”
  • April 2004
    • Infamous Abu Ghraib photos are leaked. Bush says he’ll “make sure this doesn’t happen again.” (Keep in mind, this follows his previous authorization of torture practices at Gitmo in January 2002.)
    • Professional American football player turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman is killed in Iraq by friendly fire. Administration initially spins the story to indicate he was killed by insurgents.
  • June 2004
    • Dick Chaney marks his second anniversary of claiming links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. He does so by claiming to the media that Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda are linked.
  • September 2004
    • In an example of the effectiveness of the “War of Terror,” the Justice Department admits its 2003 prosecution of a “terror cell” in Detroit was filled with “mistakes and oversights.” They proceeded to ask for the convictions to be overturned.
  • December 2004
    • Bernard Kerik (Google it) named to head Department of Homeland Security.
  • March 2005
    • Despite previous precedent with the bin Laden Memo, Bush cut his vacation short to campaign to keep Terri Schiavo alive. Schiavo was later declared brain dead after an autopsy, as she probably had been for many years. Schiavo’s case took place within Jeb Bush’s jurisdiction.
  • August 2005
    • Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans. As the storm approaches, FEMA staff is told to stand down by government mandate (remember, they are now part of the Department of Homeland Security). Wal-Mart delivers relief supplies in FEMA’s absence.
    • FEMA chief Michael Brown (of whom Bush states, “Brownie’s doing a great job down there.”) e-mails colleagues about how he looks on TV stating, “I am a fashion god.” He resigns 2 weeks later.
    • We won’t even talk about the rapes, robberies, murders, looting, and “Superdome” incident…or about the fact that Bush’s mom indicated that those left in New Orleans at that time were getting what they deserved. 2009 Update: Many parts of New Orleans have never been repaired, a severe lack of federal funding/assistance has been given, and much of the population did not return. Whereas when tornadoes hit the St. Louis area and knocked out the power for less than a week in 2007, federal aid was sent, the town was declared a disaster area, and the National Guard was mobilized.
  • September 2005
    • Bush says, “No one thought the levees in New Orleans would break.” A video later shows he was warned about it well in advance.
  • October 2005
    • OSHA finds high levels of formaldehyde in FEMA trailers. More than 100,000 storm victims are housed in them anyway.
  • January 2006
    • Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty to corruption. Upon being asked for his thoughts on the matter Bush replies, “I don’t know him.” Abramoff is informed of Bush’s comment and responds, “Perhaps he has forgotten everything.”
  • February 2006
    • Dick Cheney shoots a man in the face. The victim later apologizes.
  • April 2006
    • Six retired generals ask for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation. Bush replies: “I’m the decider.”
  • November 2006
    • Bush declares before midterm elections that Rumsfeld “isn’t going anywhere.” One day after the vote, Rumsfeld is issued his walking papers.
  • December 2006
    • Seven US attorneys are asked to resign for not being, in the words of a top Justice official, “loyal Bushies.”
  • February 2007
    • Washington Post finds roaches, mouse feces, neglect, and angry wounded vets at Walter Reed (probably the nation’s most famous and highly regarded veteran’s hospital). This follows the administration’s 2005 declaration that Walter Reed will close in 2010.
  • March 2007
    • Cheney aide “Scooter” Libby is convicted of lying; Bush commutes his sentence.
  • May 2007
    • “Terrorist Watch List” now has 755,000 names. (In 2008 it surpassed ONE MILLION names.)
    • James W. Holsinger Jr. is noted in the press for saying he thinks gay people can be “cured.” He is nominated by Bush for the office of Surgeon General. He is never confirmed.
  • June 2007
    • Cheney claims he is “not part of the executive branch.”
  • August 2007
    • Red Cross declares that the CIA’s secret prisons use methods “tantamount to torture,” thereby violating international law. This forces AG Gonzales to step down. He had previously testified before Congrss about misdeeds under his watch in April, using the phrase “I don’t recall” a hefty 64 times.
  • January 2008
    • Bush issues “Economic Stimulus Checks” in a time of recession and encourages America to “have confidence in the economy.”
  • February 2008
    • The New York Times uncovers a buried Army report blaming the White House and Pentagon for the declining state of Iraq.
  • March 2008
    • Bush tells GIs in Afghanistan he’s “a little envious” of them. He later delivers a speech hailing Iraq effort as a “victory.”
  • April 2008
    • “War on Terror” Update — The GAO finds the US has no plan to defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan.
  • May 2008
    • Bush says to honor the troops, he hasn’t golfed since August ’03. (He was photographed golfing in October ’03, incidentally).
  • July 2008
    • While leaving the G8 Conference, Bush reportedly punches the air verbally declaring, “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.”
  • August 2008
    • Bush vacations to his Crawford estate. This puts him past his 950th day away from the office and his 499th day on vacation. He officially becomes the most frequently vacationing President, easily surpassing Ronald Reagan’s vacation record of 436 days.
  • September 2008
    • Officially acknowledging the recession, and in contrast to his January issuing of “Stimulus Checks,” Bush declares that the US is set to take “unprecedented measures” to tackle the financial crisis. Refers to the bailout of financial markets as “vital to easing crisis.”
  • December 2008
    • Bush has shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist who is fed up with the American presence in Iraq. Mark that…a JOURNALIST, not an insurgent.
  • January 2009
    • In an unprecedented move, Bush declares that incoming President Elect Barack Obama will be denied use of the Blair House, an official White House residence. The Obama family arranges to stay in a hotel until allowed access to the White House. Obama had hoped to use the Blair House to facilitate his children’s commute, as they begin school before his inauguration. Bush, who once stated that he desired to be known as the “Education President,” declared the Blair House off limits because it was being used for “receptions and gatherings” of OUTGOING Bush officials. (The Blair House was later opened to the Obama family during the Inaugural week.)
    • Bush gives his final address to the media, in which he defends his administration, saying “…I thank you for giving me a chance to defend a record that I am going to continue to defend because I think it is a good, strong record.” Bush leaves office with an approval rating of 27 percent – the lowest since Richard Nixon resigned in 1974. When asked to describe any mistakes he may have made, he names the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal as a “huge disappointment,” the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a “significant disappointment,” and he said that his decision to display a “Mission Accomplished” banner on a US aircraft carrier in May 2003, after the early stages of the Iraq war, was a mistake. (Incidentally, the White House party line during this time period was “We did not place the banner there. We didn’t know it would be there.”)


Bush closed his final press conference by saying to the media, “Sometimes you misunderestimated me.”


You know sir…for the first time in eight years I think I agree with you.


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (Obama’s term begins in ONE day):

Perhaps the biggest joke of them all…