An Apology

I feel morally obligated to say something, because I’ve been carrying it around for a little while and it’s starting to take its toll on other parts of my life, both personal and professional. I’m not going to give any details, name any names, or say anything about the situation other than to say the following. The party involved will know who they are, I think.


Recently, I said something unkind that hurt the feelings of someone whose respect I value and who I would like to consider a friend. I was wrong to do so. I know that person stops by my blog occasionally and I hope they will see this message and know I’m speaking of them, even though it’s probably puzzling to everyone else. Assuming that’s happened, I just want to say on my blog what I’ve already said elsewhere…that I apologize. I was wrong. I was a jerk. I was anything but Christian to you and I hope that seeing it in black-and-white and in public goes some way in communicating to you my deep revulsion at my own actions. I feel bad enough about it that I want every friend, family member, and stranger who may come across this blog to see this post and know that I did wrong by you and I admit it, whatever that makes them think of me. In words written by a greater man than I, “I have sinned before God and before you.” You deserved better treatment, I was completely in the wrong, and I am sorry. I hope that you can forgive me, though I know it is undeserved.


Thanks to everyone else for puttng up with me saying that. Please continue Internetting as usual, with my regards. I’ll try to get back to the funny tomorrow. Please understand that I have disabled comments to this post and do not wish to further discuss it with anyone but the party involved, who has my contact info. and is more than encouraged to use it.