RIP Old (Format) Friend

(I know I said I’d be taking it easy on the blogging this week, but I started riffing on this earlier and it got long enough to post…so here you are.)


I know I kind of wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, but this won’t be the first time I’ve tread on old ground on this blog…so let’s go…


The death of the VCR makes me sad.  I like DVDs and I think I’ll eventually warm up to Blu-Ray…but seriously, I’ve got boxes and boxes of VHS tapes just waiting to be taken behind the barn and shot like Bessie (who I’m assuming is a cow or dog…not someone’s grandma…that’d just be wrong).  I’ve seen some fairly reputable sources saying that the VHS player/format will probably be virtually unavailable by the end of this year, or 2010 at the latest…so what am I supposed to do with all these things?


Okay…so I could probably buy a few of the movies or TV shows from my archives on DVD/Blu-Ray.  No problem there…but I also have home-made stuff.  I’ve got stuff I recorded off TV that will NEVER hit DVD.  I’ve got old gigs from bands I was in that are long since dead…  And I don’t even want to THINK about how much stuff there is at my office that needs to in some way be preserved!  (Seriously, we’ve got some really cool old sermons and whatnot that we can’t just throw out…)  I guess my only choice is to invest in one of those things that records VHS to DVD.  (I know…they’re called DVRs.  But I mean one of those single units that does it without a bunch of wires and whatnot.)  I think we can put that off at the office for a while, but I have so much stuff at home, I probably should’ve started about two years ago!  🙂


I’ll be the first to tout the advantages of not having to rewind and fast forward anymore…but there’s a lot about VHS that I’m going to miss.  I guess part of it is the collector in me.  I like big, bulky collections of — well, anything, really.  I like my DVDs in their boxes.  I like my CDs in their cases.  I like my guitars…uhh…okay, that one kind of falls apart, because they’re big any way you store them…but still…my point is I like to have big, ridiculous, space destroying collections sitting around.  VHS was great for that.


Plus, I guess I’m just the only guy who misses the analog era.  I think music never sounded as good as it did on vinyl.  I think reel-to-reel was pretty cool.  I think music SHOULD be recorded on a tape, not a hard-drive (which I am aware contradicts the process I’ve used for most of the records I’ve appeared on in the last 10 years, and I’m a little ashamed of that).  I think movies should have nice, wide cells that you could turn into paintings if you zoomed in close enough.  I think TV was better before it glitched-out every ten minutes and the picture pixelated (thanks a lot for that Digital Transition folks).  Shoot, I even dug “rabbit ears.”


All dead…


It’s like losing an old friend saying goodbye to the VCR.  The format got me through many, countless hours of doing homework, work projects, personal projects, and just plain goofing off.  I am forever indebted to the VCR…


…but I’m still mad about the time it chewed up my brother’s copy of Austin Powers when I borrowed it from him.  So I guess it balances out.


Quotable Quotes (As seen on Facebook):

  • “I met my wife on Craigslist.” – Kent (Which isn’t true.  He met his wife in real life…but he coined that phrase and I thought it was funny.)
  • “I think I’d talk to you more than I already do if it weren’t for the fact that you’re straight.” – Angela, referring to me.
  • “Liking Helen Keller jokes doesn’t make me politically incorrect!  Liking ANNE FRANK jokes makes me politically incorrect.” – Me

2 thoughts on “RIP Old (Format) Friend”

  1. you quoted me!
    i know a few helen keller jokes, most of which are hilarious. but i’ve never heard an anne frank joke… i guess i just normally hang out with PC people?

  2. My favorite Anne Frank joke is the simple and familiar graphic of her smiling face, captioned with “Anne Frank: Hide and Seek World Champion 1942-1944.”

    If you laughed at that, at least I know I’m not going to Hell alone. 🙂

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