I should probably say…

I have three things I should probably devote full blogs to, but that I’m only going to do one post about.  So here’s three things I should probably say.


Thing #1


I’ve been sitting around all day doing nothing.  We got a snow day today.  That was nice.


Thing #2

In unrelated news, I should probably also say that I got a call from a friend of mine last night asking me to write some music for a student film he’s working on.  I’ve never done anything like that.  I think that’s a pretty cool offer and I’m considering it.  What I should say about it is that I rarely if ever write for someone else, unless it’s Blue Tattoo (but that’s different since I maintain a lot of control in that dynamic). 


I don’t really like being given direction in writing music, unless I have final control over the song.  I’ve only been “produced” once in a studio, and the producer ended up throwing up his hands and saying, “fine, do what you want.”  I did, and the record sold…so I guess it was either entirely arbitrary, or I’m right in my thinking that the artists who do the writing/performing know best what comes off as natural or “good” from their own performances.  I don’t think I’m the guy you want to put in creative-control when it comes to also having to bounce things off a producer…and I’m not sure if that translates into film producers as well as musical ones.  🙂


The guy IS a friend of mine, though, and I think anything he wanted to change would be dealt with in a gentle way…but then again, I use the word “friend” meaning I’ve never had an argument with the guy.  It’s not like we’ve ever even worked together before on anything.  I’m still weighing out the possibilities.  It’s nothing you’ll ever see in an art house or anything (and certainly not going to get picked up by Time Warner or Fox), so it’s not like I’m risking my “integrity” (if any) on a national stage (I wish, in fact).  I mostly just don’t want to end up saying, “Man, I wish I’d never done that.” like I have for so many other projects to which my name is attached.


Any thoughts would be appreciated…

Thing #3

In Blue Tattoo, we had the sense to cancel rehearsal last night, since the snow was heavily falling by like 2:00-ish (or was it 3?  …ehh…whatever.)  The other guys have quite a drive to get to my house for rehearsal, especially my brother, who lives in nearly Lake St. Louis.  Probably for the best.  We end up rusty when we take a couple of weeks off (we took the week before off since we’d just done a gig that weekend), so in that respect, we probably NEED the rehearsal…but on the other hand, I still haven’t set my guitar-rig back up properly after the gig last week, ha ha.  (Most of it, in fact, is still sitting in my foyer.)


The thing I should say about that is that I’m feeling overall lazy about the band at the moment.  I didn’t mind the cancellation, and it had nothing to do with the snow.  Unfortunately, it had everything to do with me being a creature of habit.  Most of the projects I’ve worked in over the past few years (with the exception of B.T.) don’t have regular rehearsals.  We just meet when we have something coming up.  Even the Feldman Group (which has been the most financially lucrative thing I’ve been involved with — almost paying as well as my regular salary at my job, by percentage) doesn’t play unless it’s in front of people.  But Blue Tattoo’s a different animal, and I need to keep reminding myself of that.


As I’ve said many times, I love that band.  I just get really tired on Tuesdays.  🙂  The other guys read my blog (I think), so the main thing I should say is that I’m sorry about the occasional laise that settles in on me.  I have a bunch of songs written for them that I have YET to demo in any way.  I haven’t been keeping up the website like I should.  I wasn’t even the one initiating the calls to cancel practice last night.  I just tend to slack in that respect…  But I get a lot of energy from our rehearsals once they start happening, and I should really learn to focus on that.  No matter how much I’m thinking, “I could get a nap today, if only we would cancel,” I should also remind myself that I really like seeing those guys and I really like the sound we make.  So, guys…it’s not you…it’s me.  I promise I’ll be better in the future…as soon as the roads are passable enough to get you to my house.

Bonus Thing #4!

I feel like I should say something about my house too…  It needs a lot of work, and I’ve been “remodelling” for like two-years now.  I have a TON left to do, and as I said above, I’m a lazy guy.  As you may imagine, I haven’t done anywhere near as much as I should have by now.  I really have to get to work on that.  So the thing I should say is that I’m making it a promise to myself to get some work done on the many projects around the house in the last part of this month and into February.  In fact…no time like the present.


Current Watching:

End of an episode of M*A*S*H…which actually ended while I was typing that, thereby making a liar out of this post.

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