Small Update

The college cancelled all evening activities and sent us all home at 4:00 (which is the time I get off work anyway…but whatever…).  They’re also opening at 8:55 tomorrow, instead of 8:00.  Guess that’s better than nothing…but I’m hoping for the good Lord to REALLY make it snow tonight to the point that we can’t even LEAVE, much less go in.


…not holding my breath, though.


Current Eating:

  • Chinese?  More like Awesom-ese!

4 thoughts on “Small Update”

  1. Thanks. I was probably more pissy about that than warranted yesterday, though. I mean, yeah, the roads were horrible and whatnot, but really, how often do we ever close? I should’ve seen it coming, at least. I think I was so mad about it because it surprised me more than the actual “having to go in” thing…

    But nice to have today off anyway. How’d you hear about that? Facebook?

  2. how’d i hear? well:
    i date a guy on campus… i get the news almost as soon as he does, which is almost as soon as shandi may does, which is almost as soon as… (actually i have no clue where she stands on the chain of people to contact….)
    anyway, i knew before i was even conscious this morning (due to my own day off of work due to ice storm/dentist appt.)
    and my first thought was: derek will be pleased.

  3. Oh…right…duh! For the record, I’d imagine Shandi probably hears almost as soon as Dr. Veech makes the decision, since she’s the one who posts it on the website.

    Yeah, I was pretty happy about it. We actually ended up opening from like 2-5 because one of my workers who has keys was on-campus and wanted to do some research, so he opened for a bit. Actually a pretty good idea, since he was available. I didn’t have to go in for that…so I’m singing Matt’s praises to all in a 3-mile radius…or however big the Internet is. 🙂

    But, yeah, I was really happy with the school today. Made me feel bad about being so pissy yesterday, in fact! lol

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