Small Update

The college cancelled all evening activities and sent us all home at 4:00 (which is the time I get off work anyway…but whatever…).  They’re also opening at 8:55 tomorrow, instead of 8:00.  Guess that’s better than nothing…but I’m hoping for the good Lord to REALLY make it snow tonight to the point that we can’t even LEAVE, much less go in.


…not holding my breath, though.


Current Eating:

  • Chinese?  More like Awesom-ese!

See If You Can Spot What’s Missing

This POST is missing!  🙂


I deleted it because the stuff that was here was attracting some undesirable spam, based on some of the words used in the post…and that’s the ONLY reason I removed it.  I’m just tired of deleting things every day.  Just leaving this page here as a placeholder to keep my post-count consistent.  I’m also deleting the comments for this post, since they don’t make any sense without it…so…yeah…