The Three Heads…

As you may know (and if you do, I encourage you to diversify your time by reading other blogs) I am in three musical projects.  Just to clarify the projects, I thought I’d do a small write-up for my blog…also, I’m bored and can’t think of anything else to write.


Project #1 – Derek Brink

I do a lot of solo work.  Two records are currently available.  One is about to be released, once I have the money.  I do a ton of writing and every once in a while, I have enough stuff that I think is good enough to warrant a record.  That’s how my solo work is born.  However, I’ve made the pledge that my solo work will soon largely cease as I focus on writing and performing with Blue Tattoo.  That doesn’t mean I won’t do anything as a solo artist.  I’ll still do one-off gigs (which, actually, is pretty much how I’ve run my solo act so far).  I’ll still write stuff that I think of as “mine.”  I may even still record here and there…but I won’t be FOCUSING on it.  More than likely, my solo stuff will be released as web-downloads for the foreseeable future, after the third record is out and I’ve done a couple of gigs to whore it out.


I should say, though, that I really like working as a solo artist, because it gives me license to do pretty much anything.  I can be as weird as I want and people kind of say, “Meh…it’s a solo record.  That’s fine.”  🙂


Project #2 – Blue Tattoo

This is where I’m focusing most of my attention.  If you’ve been following the blog, you’ve recently read a LOT about our first gig.  Hopefully there’ll be a second one soon.  Hopefully, we’ll also be doing some more recording soon.  A full-length-record this year is, I think, plausible.  T-shirts?  Why not!


I love this band.  I’m more proud of this band than of ANYTHING else I’ve EVER done.  I want it to succeed (which doesn’t mean world-tours, international stardom, etc…it means whatever it means, and I’ll know it when it happens).  I want this to be as good as I think it is and deserves to be.  I also really dig working with other people involved in the creative process.  In my solo gig, I have final edit and whereas others can suggest things, what I say goes.  In Blue Tattoo, if I’m out-voted, I lose.  Sometimes that pisses me off…but a lot of the time, I end up really liking it and the decision was the right one.


You only get one favorite project in life…and I’m pretty sure this is mine.


Project #3 – The Michael Feldman Group

This isn’t my project, obviously, since it’s named after some other guy.  I play bass for Mike, and I have for like 6-7 years in various incarnations of his band.  It’s fun most of the time, but sometimes gets a little wearing.  If I’m honest, this is exactly the type of band I never thought I’d be a part of.  It’s a cover-band, playing in mostly crappy bars for money.  (I refer to those gigs as “Play Me, Pay Me” gigs.  It’s pretty much only about the money most of the time.)  I get a kick out of it…but it’s not really anything I put a ton of though or effort into.  Worth seeing…but I doubt we’ll ever have t-shirts for sale or anything like that.


Hope that clears things up for anyone who was confused.  When blogging in the future, I’ll try to clearly express which project I’m talking about.  🙂



Current Listening:

  • Glasvegas – self-titled.  Hadn’t discovered this in time for my “Best of ’08” list, but it should probably be on it.
  • Extreme – Saudades de Rock (New record, as of 2008).  Haven’t fully absorbed this one yet, but I’ll keep you posted, I’m sure.
  • Bunch of Beatles…