Apparently Obama’s Responsible for Every Abortion Now?

Fair warning…I’m going to blindly rant, and I don’t mean some of it…so keep that in mind…and enjoy!


I’ve read in the news that anti-abortionists are now worried about “setbacks” because Obama’s in office.


My question is this…  Setbacks from WHAT?  What exactly did the eight years of a Republican “President,” several of which included a Republican-run Congress get you?  Did the Republican Party really go out of their way to pass new legislation?  Did they do anything to regulate abortion?  Did they determine if it’s a national issue or one that should be handled on the State level (as has long been the debate)?  Did they do…I don’t know…ANYTHING to help your cause?


Let’s face it folks, the Republicans have shown as much apathy to the abortion issue in their deeds as the Democrats have traditionally shown in their words.  The only difference is that the Republicans trot it out and pay it lip-service any time an election’s coming up.  If there were EVER a chance of abortion being outlawed, it was under Bush, and he didn’t do a THING to make it happen.


Don’t worry about Obama…worry about the fact that NO ONE in your government is ever going to put his career on the line to significantly address the issue…you need to learn to accept that.


…and let me just raise this question…


If we outlaw abortion — being that it’s “murder” and all — what do you suggest we do with the women who then illegally terminate their pregnancies?  It’s still going to happen.  Some will drink.  Some will pay for a back-alley coat hanger and vacuum cleaner job.  Some will down pill after pill until the kid gets flushed out somehow.  Some will just ask a skinhead to kick them in the stomach.  But there WILL still be women who terminate their pregnancies.  What do we do with them?  Are they to be arrested?  Do they get put on death row for murder?  Do they pay a fine?  …or are you going to stand by your trumpet-call of “They have to get themselves right with God” and just let them get away with, as you put it, “murder?”


Look…I’m pro-life.  But this issue is NEVER going to change, and that isn’t Obama’s fault.  It’s the fault of our society, it’s the fault of a fallen-world, and it’s the fault of people who just don’t realize that they can always just NOT have sex with someone — unless of course they’re raped, in which case you have no more right to force a baby into their body than the rapist did to force in his…well…let’s skip over that part.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to talk people out of abortions.  I’m just saying you need to figure out where to put the blame.  If you’re going to blame Obama (on roughly day THREE, no less)…then let’s also blame Bush, Clinton, Other Bush, Reagan…etc, etc, all the way back to the Founding Fathers.  And while we’re at it, we may as well blame God for giving us free-will in the first place — perhaps the BIGGEST “setback” of all being that so few of us choose to use our brains.


…and the kicker is…my argument doesn’t sound any crazier than yours, even though it’s full of just as many holes.

2 thoughts on “Apparently Obama’s Responsible for Every Abortion Now?”

  1. I don’t usually make a lot of comments on blogs unless I feel really compelled. You make a lot of interesting points here, and you’re right on about the fact that Bush really didn’t accomplish much about the abortion issue. For all the huff and puff that conservatives give to the issue, really there has been nothing significant done about it.

    I heard a story a while back about a totally different approach taken by Southeast Christian Church – instead of causing problems for an abortion clinic, they instead set up a place where women could get free ultrasounds. Many of women, upon seeing their baby this way, decided to keep their kids. If memory serves correctly, there was other financial help available, etc.

    The real key to the abortion issue is NOT legislation – although I would love to see the laws overturned. The key instead is to address the reasons behind abortions. My guess is that if there was more help available, more women would keep their babies. Also, if adoption were easier and more affordable that may change things.

    Trying to correct the abortion problem through legal means is only treating the symptom, not the real problem. The real problem lies in the broken and oppresive systems of society, and in the hearts of fallen people. The church ought to put the focus on addressing those things instead of the legal system. Just my opinion.

  2. I think a lot of that might’ve been what I was trying to say, but I was too busy ranting crazily at the time, lol!

    Thanks for the comment. Good thoughts in there.

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