Random Stuff

Sorry about not blogging yesterday.  Had a busy day, then LOST came on and did a 2-hour premier…so the day was shot.  🙂


Here are a few random things that don’t really fit into their own post.

  1. My friend Nikomas posted a really good post at his blog about how, since Obama’s second term (fingers-crossed) would end when Nikomas hits the age of 35, he’d like to be the first Mexican President.  Read it here.  Suggested campaign-chant: “Yes we Mexi-CAN!”
  2. Something funny that happened at the Blue Tattoo gig last weekend that I forgot to mention.  As I said, Dave, Chris, and I all had colds.  After our set, Chris and I were sitting backstage in the “Green Room” and we both had Honey-Lemon Halls in our mouths and were relaxing.  His wife came back and noticed the smell of the Halls…  I don’t remember which one of us made the comment, but it was something to the effect of “This is how you know your band is getting old.”  No sex and drugs…just Halls and Sudafed.
  3. I finally have gotten into the British main-stay sitcom “Blackadder.”  For some reason, I never bothered with it.  I’m up through the end of the third season.  Over all, the first has been my favorite, but the third probably made me laugh the most…and it has Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in it.
  4. I think there’s a pointy thread or something in the shirt I’m wearing today.  I’m getting an occasional painful poking feeling in my left arm, just below the shoulder.  It’s distracting.
  5. If you know who took the Ken Davis DVDs from the Library, could you please ask them to return them?
  6. I’m finally Facebook friends with Jason Kinder.  We went to college together for a while and were united by a love of Iron Maiden.  Stuff like that is one of the few things I like about the Information Age.
  7. My sleep schedule’s still really screwed up from when I was sick last week.  I feel better, but I can’t seem to sleep during reasonable hours.
  8. LOST was pretty good last night.  I have no idea why they feel the need to bring Mrs. Hawking back out of nowhere like that (I had to go to Lostpedia before I even knew who she was)…but otherwise, I enjoyed it, even though I hate time-travel as a plot-device.
  9. I ended up late to work today because I got stuck behind a car accident.  Super sorry, Library patrons.
  10. Much as I hate text messages, I’m thinking of upgrading my phone to one with a texting keyboard.  A lot of people have started texting me lately, and if I MUST text someone, I at least want to be able to find the damn letter I’m looking for.  But until that time, don’t expect to hear back from me by text.  Especially if you’re someone I work with.  I will not text professionally.
  11. I’m trying to cut down on how much paper we use in the office.  I think we’re probably one of the biggest paper-wasting offices on campus.  I’ve already eliminated one set of fine slips, and I’m cutting more this week.
  12. I have to write something up to explain why I HAVEN’T been spending ENOUGH money from my budget.  That’s just confusing.  I’m thinking of beginning it with “Because we were told not to…”  Not too big of a deal, just kinda made me laugh.
  13. I guess I’m a little hungry, but I don’t really feel like eating.  That’s exactly backwards from what I usually have.
  14. I’ve got a friend who’s doing some “mission” work right now…but the thing is, they’re not doing it because they feel “called” to do so, but instead because they think it’s a noble and romantic thing to do.  I hate to be the guy that says it, but the way I’ve seen God work in those situations…  This person is probably destined for either complete failure, or they’ll store up all their treasures on Earth.  I know that seems mean-spirited…but this person’s also done at least three different “relocations” of their “ministry” in the past five years because “God just didn’t open a door there.”  I’m all for missions, if someone’s heart’s in it…but in this case?  Take the hint.  Go home.
  15. Tacos = Awesome.

…and for anyone that didn’t see them on my Facebook page, here are some pics from Blue Tattoo’s gig…















For the most part, if you’re wondering what’s going on in a given shot, ask me in the comments…but I will say that I got some serious air on that jump at the end there!  🙂


Quotable Quotes:

  • Me, Re: A Pinched Nerve – “…she’s probably never pinched anything in her life!  That came out sounding sexy…but you know what I mean!”
  • Conversation on LOST last night:
    • “Take this.” 
    • “What is it?” 
    • “It’s a compass.”
    • “What’s it do?”
    • (Brief pause) “It points North.”
  • Chris Matthews, Re: Teddy Kennedy’s hat: “He didn’t get that hat in Ireland!  That’s a hell of a hat that guy was wearing! He reminds me of Don Corleone in that movie.”

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