The Day Has Come — Updated, Post Oath of Office

I’m going to post more thoroughly once I’ve seen the Inauguration (which I’ll either have to watch online while at work or afterward).  For now, I’ll just post the FINAL George W. Bush Picture of the Day.  I like the look on Bush’s face in this one.


My title for this one, as the Beatles once said…  “Hello Goodbye.” 



Update as of the Speech…

I’m a little bummed that all I’m going to hear for the next four years is that the most eloquent speaker we’ve seen on the White House lawn since Clinton stumbled over his words during his Oath of Office…but to be fair the guy swearing him in was giving him huge chunks all at once…and he gave him the wrong word-order to the second part.  It’s traditionally, “I _____ promise to faithfully execute…” but he put the “faithfully” at the end of the sentence.  Doesn’t make much difference overall, but I think Obama expected it the other way around.


The subsequent speech was awesome, though.  Shorter than I expected…but awesome.  (Much of this post was written during it.)  Unfortunately CNN’s web-feed kept jumping.  But I did like how he kept referring to “rebuilding” America.  I think we need that in this country right now.  I know it’s going to be a long road and we can’t expect the promised “change” overnight.  I just hope we’re all willing to work as hard as we need to.


I also like that he immediately addressed the recession.  I’m glad he didn’t just make a rah-rah, “let’s party!” speech.  I’m also glad he mentioned Iraq.  Can’t forget about America II, over there.  He even brought up terrorism — something I’ve heard a lot of people speculate he was going to be ignoring in his term.


One of my MOST favorite things was when he said we’re a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Non-Believers.  I think people forget that…I’m glad he acknowledged everyone (except the Buddhists…and Mormons…and Pantheists…etc…but at least he tried…).  I’m sure the Christian blogs will be lit a-flame with outrage by that one…but I think it’s more important now than ever to remember, as he said, “The world has changed, and we must change with it.”  America isn’t a Christian nation…it’s a sovereign nation, made of many people and their pantheon of beliefs.  I may think that a lot of them are wrong…but that doesn’t make them any less human and any less worthy to have their voices heard.  I’m glad we have a President who recognises that.


That was the first time I got to call him “President” in his term, there…  🙂


I’m not going to get all high and mighty about it…I did that yesterday, I think…but I am going to say God bless America…and I’m glad that for the first time in eight years, I feel like I’m a man WITH a country.  Thanks for that, President Obama.  (I stopped watching when he stopped talking…so hopefully nothing else awesome happened once I clicked the “close” button.)  🙂


…and for the record, I feel a little bad for Dick Cheney throwing his back out.  Not TOO bad, but a little bad.  I wish he’d have at least gotten to go out in a dignified way, under his own power.  Everyone deserves that.

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