Kind of Heavy Post…

My friend Shawn Huckaba spoke in the Chapel service at SLCC today.  Shawn’s a good guy.  Though he’s more than this, I’ve mentioned several times on my blog…he’s the guy who lost several members of his family in a car accident a couple of years ago.  There’s WAY more to him than that, but to a stranger who only knows him from my blog or his mention in the liner notes of my “Things I Meant to Say” record, that’s probably as good a place to start as any.  But I first think of him as the guy who always made me smile and laugh when we were going to church together and who could turn on a dime from fun and games to serious object lessons and teaching.  Foremost, I think of him as my friend.


I didn’t go to Chapel to see him speak.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  First off, I still don’t feel well and I didn’t want to sit in the ALWAYS way-too-hot Chapel.  But more than that, I knew he’d be talking about the accident, and I just didn’t think I could sit and listen to it without ending up in a bad place.  My emotions about the whole thing are still so RAW.  I just couldn’t do it.


Right after Chapel, a student came into my office and asked if he could use my phone for a moment.  Normally, I’d say no, but he had a tone in his voice that made me think I should let him make the call.  He called his wife.  Just wanted to tell her he loves her and he doesn’t want anything bad to ever happen to her, and he was visibly teared-up.  That pretty much told me all I needed to know about Shawn’s message.


I’ve stated before and I’ll say again that Shawn’s become a hero of mine since the accident.  It still chokes me up to think about it…but I’ve even talked about something he did that week in marriage counseling sessions.  Shawn, in one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen anyone do, was one of the pallbearers carrying his wife’s casket to her final resting place.  Every time I tell someone about it, I tell them that if they’re not ready to do that, they’re not ready to be married.  I think Angi was really proud of him that day.


I’ll listen to the sermon over the course of the next week.  I want to hear it…but I don’t think I want to hear it all at once.  Maybe five minutes at a time?  Or maybe I’ll just listen until I know I can’t listen anymore and I’ll pause it until I can start it up again.  Maybe I’ll even make it all the way through in one sitting.  Dunno.  I’m interested to see what my reaction will be.


…boy the Bush picture seems kind of a terrible thing to post after all that, doesn’t it?  This thing got way too heavy…  So in respect to that, I’d just like to say “boobies.”


…there…that’s better.


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (Obama’s term begins in 3 days):

Mary Poppins, he ain’t…