Lousy Daves…

I’ve caught a mild cold from either my brother or my dad.  Whichever one of them had burning sinuses and a sore throat is officially on notice.  I’ll get you for that!


On the plus side, it as of yet has not messed up my voice, so I’ll still be able to sing for the gig, if treat my throat carefully over the next few days.  Also on the plus side, this means I get to buy spicy Chinese food tonight to try to clear out my sinuses a little.  That, I’m okay with.


But, yeah…whoever got me sick is in for it!  (I know it was one of them because Dad was saying that he felt like he was getting a cold on Sunday and Dave was sick at rehearsal last night.)


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (6 days remaining in term):

I swear upon all that is dear to me that this photo is completely unedited.  It was published on both Sky News and Fox “News” during Hurricane Katrina.  Just an unfortunate word placement that ended up being incredibly, incredibly funny (and some would say accurate).


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