Postin’ Globes.

So the Golden Globes were on tonight.  I watched them (between typing things) and was largely bored.  Kate Winslett (sp?) kept winning things and crying.  Ricky Gervais was actually pretty funny…but otherwise…blah.  The Golden Globes just don’t seem to MEAN anything.  They’re not the Oscars.  They’re not the Emmys (Emmies?).  They’re just kind of a “let’s throw this against the wall and see what sticks” arrangement of candidates.  It’s not even fairly weighted, pitting movies against TV shows, etc.


That actually got me thinking.  I love TV.  I love movies.  But I don’t regard the two the same way.  I think of movie stars as being generally people who’ve risen above regular TV work and TV stars as people who aren’t ready to do movies yet.  That’s probably an over-generalization…but that’s how I see it.  Like when the guy that played Merry (whose name I know but can not spell) in the Lord of the Rings started doing “Lost,” I thought of it as a major step backwards.  He went from being in one of the most successful films EVER to being on CBS in a show that a lot of people would never see.  Seemed like a demotion to me, even though I think “Lost” is genius.


Now, if someone does a guest spot on TV, that’s a fun treat.  If Elijah Wood wants to walk onto the set of “House” and get slapped around by Hugh Laurie for an hour, that’s pretty cool.  In fact, to me, it seems like Elijah’s given “House” his thumbs up, and lent it some credibility.  After all, if some movie star thinks it’s okay, they must know, right?  I mean, movies are like TV grad-school to me, so a guest spot from a movie star is like a temporary doctorate or something.


…how crazy am I sounding here?


Anyway…yeah…Golden Globes kinda bored me.  However, it did usher in the first of the “major” awards to bow under pressure and award a posthumous award to Heath Ledger for his work in “The Dark Knight.”  I loved the movie, and I think Ledger would have deserved the award even if he lived…but let’s be honest.  If Heath Ledger hadn’t died, there’s no way any of the “major” awards would give any award to a Batman flick that wasn’t sound, effects, or costumes.  Certainly not a “Best Supporting” award.  Despite the landslide that LOTR got a few years ago, the various academies and whatnot just don’t dig fantasy.  Ehh…I shouldn’t complain.  He got what he deserved (and probably will at the Oscars, too).  Shouldn’t matter to me HOW he got it, I guess.  Shoot, maybe he’ll be the guy that finally wakes people up to the concept of judging fantasy on its own merit.  But I doubt it.


Wow…this post lacked more focus than usual…


(BTW – As I’ve been noting, starting tomorrow I’m going to bed a little earlier because of having to open at work this semester…so my posting will be getting weird in its frequency.)


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (8 days remaining in term):

My title for this one is: “True Love.”


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