Here We Go Again

The new semester starts on Tuesday.  As a faculty member, that’s a weird thing.  It gets dull on campus (especially in the Library) when students aren’t on campus…but you do have more time to get work done.  Kind of a catch 22.  When the students are there I wish I had more solitude, then when they’re gone I think it’s boring.


However, this time, I really could’ve used another week or so.  There’s a LOT I didn’t get done that I intended to.  The week of Christmas, I was just kind of going through the motions, so that was my fault…but this past week, when I thought I’d get a LOT done, I barely made a dent.  Seems like everything took a whole lot longer than it should’ve, including my drive to work.  (By the way, city of Florissant, it’d be great if you didn’t do construction on EVERY street that could conceivably get me to work at the same freaking time.)


So…I’m likely to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off during the first week.  I’m planning to look incredibly unprofessional and spread-too-thin.  Hopefully the students will take it in stride — but they tend not to.  The type of student who’s in the Library in the first week of class is usually the type of person who thinks you should have all of your ducks in a row, months before they’re even hatched.  Part of me hates them…then there’s the part of me that knows they’re what keeps me employed.  Another catch 22.*


So…with the Blue Tattoo gig coming up (Jan. 17, 2009 at The Chapel; $5 – which buys you two free drinks!; Doors at 7:30; we go on first and play a half-hour set; please go to it), I’m just hoping I won’t be absolutely exhausted for the show.  I’m getting up way early (for me) beginning on the 13th, because I’m opening this semester.  I’m kind of looking forward to that, so I can go home while there’s still some sunlight left…but I’ll be tired.  Also, I’ve been experiencing some significant pain in my left shoulder and pectoral (again), which means somehow I blew it out (again)…so that’s wearing on me too, this week.


Wish me luck.


(* – Of course I’m kidding.  I like the students…especially the responsible ones who take the initiative to get good grades.)


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (10 days remaining in term):

This is George with his brother Jeb.  Looks like whatever it is…it runs in the family…


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