You Stop Having Birthdays When You Die

Today would have been Elvis Presley’s birthday, if he hadn’t died. 


Now…as many of you know, I’m an admirer of Elvis.  I think he did some great work and turned the entire genre in which he worked on its ear, indeed CROSSING genres to have a very significant and prolific career.  But, as much as I appreciate him…


ELVIS IS DEAD.  Therefore we no longer have to celebrate his birthday.  He died, on a toilet, before I was even born.  I really don’t care how old he would have been if he’d lived.  He didn’t live.  I’m guessing he doesn’t really care how old he’d have been today either.


I kind of get why people still mark the date of his death…though I think we’re at the point where we really only have to care about the years ending in “0” now.  Let’s all agree it was sad back in 77, and we’ll do something big for the 40th, but until then we’ll just keep the news-channels free for actual news.  But it mystifies me that people continue to celebrate (or in some way memorialize) the birthdays of people who’ve died, no matter their stature.  I can see if it’s a family member or friend saying, “This would’ve been _____’s birthday” in the first couple of years after their death, but still…life goes on.  Other people have birthdays.  Celebrate those.


In that spirit, I’d like to wish David Bowie a happy 62nd birthday.  It’s HIS birthday today (since he’s still alive).  Hope it was a good one.  Also, he’s the same age as my dad.  And they both had their heart attacks in the same year, receiving the same surgery to correct the problem.  And both have the initials “DB.”  …had Dad been born in England, it could’ve been a quite different musical scene…and my mom might’ve been Iman.  Near miss…


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (11 days remaining in term):


(Also, just a note.  My work schedule changes beginning on Jan 13, and I’ll be opening the Library.  I’ve been posting these blogs after midnight every day so they’re up at the first moment of the day…but I’m not too likely to do that henceforth, since I’ll hopefully be going to bed a little earlier.  So look for updates daily…but not necessarily at the START of the day.)

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