Things That Bugged Me Today

Here’s a brief list of things that bugged me today…

  1. My bank apparently doesn’t have one of those machines that counts your change for you.  That made cashing in the $300 of Library change I had to take care of this morning difficult.
  2. If I wanted to use MS Outlook’s calendar function, I’d use it.  Sending me calendar updates that I’m supposed to then put on my Outlook calendar doesn’t do much for me, since I don’t use that.  In fact, I find it a little presumptuous.
  3. Facebook shouldn’t tell you which people are NOT attending the event you posted.  It just gets depressing once it starts getting into the double digits.
  4. I’m not going to buy your book just because you called my office.  So, Greyhouse Publishers, please stop asking me if I want a “free preview” of your new titles.  I don’t.
  5. I like Jesus as much as the next guy…but if I didn’t TAKE a photograph that appears on a magazine, it’s not my job to determine it necessary to be censored after the fact, just because Jesus is apparently telling YOU it’s too sexy.
  6. Why wouldn’t the stamps at the library go to 2009???  Why would they stop at 2008, then have like five blank spaces?  That’s ridiculous.  Now I’ve got to find out not only where to buy those, but how much they cost.
  7. I thought having a mailbox entitled me to have my mail DELIVERED…but I guess not.
  8. Just because I’m feeling better, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel under the weather.  I still need a day or two to be fully functional.
  9. Heartburn…
  10. I had something handed to me today that should have been taken care of WEEKS ago, and it was handed back to me in the same form as when I sent it out…which means no one did ANYTHING with it…including the person in charge, whose desk it was definitely on.
  11. My back hurts.
  12. Columbo had absolutely NO evidence in that episode with the chess players.
  13. Now I’ve got to sleep so I can go to work again…and I’d much rather stay up watching DVDs.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll do a list of stuff that went WELL in the day…but that doesn’t seem likely, given my history on this blog.  🙂


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (12 days remaining in term):

“Say whaaaaaat?”


2 thoughts on “Things That Bugged Me Today”

  1. Sounds like a bummer kind of day. So I am sorry. However if there were 13 things that went wrong I am sure you can find at least half of that number that went surprisingly right or at least surprisingly?

    Yes I am optimistic I suppose.

    Hope you feel better today!

  2. sorry i had to decline on the RSVP to your gig… but i have a legit excuse given that i’m not in the same state anymore.
    sorry your day didn’t go so great.
    i could have told you the stamps only went through 2008, but i assumed you knew that and had made preparations. i am willing to take the full blame for that if it makes you feel any better.
    in case you forgot, or somehow didn’t know, life sucks.

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