Back to the Grind

Work started back up today.


I managed to get a few things done (gasp!), but there’s still a mountain of work awaiting me this week.  I didn’t sleep well last night and I felt like a truck hit me when I got up today.  (I’m writing this at like 11:00 on Monday evening, btw.  It’ll be up just after midnight to keep with the “daily” pic of Bush, but I’m going to talk about it like it’s still Monday…because right now, it is.)  My shoulder’s been killing me lately for some reason, and I was really feeling it the early part of today.  Then coming home in the car, I got a weird stabbing pain around my bellybutton.  That went away, but now my stomach feels weird.  Not bad…just weird.


But, on the plus side, it was actually kind of nice to get back to work and off the couch.  I get bored on vacations, which is why I don’t really take them that often.  During this break, I’ve mostly watched a lot of TV/DVDs (documented elsewhere on the blog).  Working actually seems to break up the monotony.  The breaks make me appreciate that.


Not that I’m a work-a-holic or anything.  I don’t LIVE for my job (though I do really like it).  I’m not all about routine or anything.  In fact, if anything, were I to go on a job interview, I’d have to list my biggest weakness as “I get distracted easily and tend to stop caring on a moment’s notice.”  Nonetheless, when you enjoy your job and like the people in your office (nod to Dayna and Matt) it makes going in to work a lot easier…and over the break, I actually kind of missed it.


Don’t get me wrong though.  I’m already looking forward to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  🙂


George Bush Picture of the Day (14 days remaining in term):