Weight a Minute…

As I said earlier, I’ve accomplished nothing this week.  The closest I’ve come to getting any work done is that I’m now fully up to speed on “House” and “How I Met Your Mother.”  Plus, I’ve eaten a lot.  In fact, when I’m done with this post, I’m going to the 24-hour McDonalds and ordering a burger (although last time I was there, they were closed…how does that happen at a 24 hour McDonalds?).


So…that leads me to updating you on the attempt to lose weight that I started a couple of months ago.  I’ve been bouncing around between 195-210 ever since…which pretty much means nothing’s changed.  Of course, if I exercised, did anything physical, or even walked more than 10 feet to any given doorway/location, maybe I’d have something more to show.  However I’ve got to say, all things considered, I think doing absolutely NOTHING and staying in the same approximate weight-class is pretty impressive.


Nonetheless, I’d still like to get back down to the 185 I was a couple of years ago…  Get a few more of my shirts fitting right again.  Be less winded when I go up a set of stairs.  I’d make it my New Year’s resolution, but I think those are only for idiots and people pretending they’re not idiots.  So I’m not doing that…but I’m still thinking about it.  I’m still going to try to try to TRY to do something about it.


…so there’s your update.


…and here’s your George W. Bush Picture of the Day (16 days remaining in term):


This one actually is a little bit mean, but I promise that it’s a real shot and neither I nor anyone else has done anything to make him look any more evil than he did on that day.  I just couldn’t avoid posting this one.  This whole thing’s supposed to be in good-cheer…but I do genuinely despise the man…and this picture HAD to make the list…just somehow defines the man for me.



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