Weekend Got Here Quick!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. I forgot how quickly time flies when you don’t have to work!


The bummer is that I got approximately NONE of my to-do list done. The good thing, though, is that I’m bored. That means I’ll go back to work on Monday and put in a full day, then maybe even have some energy left over to do something on the presently abandoned to-do list. But…that quickly comes around to being bad again, since I’ll wear myself out by Wednesday, and I’ll be ready for another vacation by Friday.


The circle of life goes on.


In other news, I just watched three episodes of the current season of House. I’m trying to catch up by Monday, because House just moved to Monday nights and that means I can start watching it on time again. This is probably the first time in a year or more that I’ve been able to do that. I’m kind of excited…but I’ll also be remarkably snarky for the next few days, as happens when I OD on House.


…there’s that circle thing again.


And here’s you George W. Bush Picture of the day (18 days remaining in term):


I can’t top yesterday’s…but I think this one’s pretty good, too.