2009 – Year of the New Record…

Okay…so you’re all aware that I’ve been working on a record for about two years called “Out from the Light.”  It’s ready.  Just had to wait until after Christmas to get the extra money.  So it’ll “drop” (or whatever) in the early part of 2009.


I’ve blogged and written for my website extensively on the record (though I’m not sure how much of that has hit the net yet…apparently it’s a new year’s resolution of mine to do something with the damn website in ’09).  But I’ve kind of kept a lid on “disk two” of the thing.  It’s a separate entity, but it’s being lumped in with the rest of the record.  Its individual title is “Departure,” but it’s kind of “Out from the Light 2.”  It continues on the theme of dark topics and personal reflection…mostly it’s just a bunch of stuff I wanted to get out there before devoting all of my (writing) time to Blue Tattoo.  It’s kind of schizophrenic (quadrophenic?) and varied in musical style.  Doesn’t really make sense as a linear record and it’s unusual in a lot of ways when balanced against the rest of my solo work (or at least the stuff that’s made it onto records)…hence the title of the thing.


I’m also playing everything myself.  Guitars, bass, drums…whatever.  I’m playing it all.  Hopefully it won’t suck…  I’m not really thinking of it as a “record.”  More of a bunch of what I call “treated demos” which is what I call my demos that include more than just me playing an acoustic and singing.  (I do that mostly to give other musicians I may work with a blueprint of what’s in my head as I’m writing it.)  I’m taking it a little further, though.  Usually my “treated demos” just add a shaker, tambourine, and/or second guitar.  In the case of “Departure,” though, I’m making them a little more “final” adding full drum tracks, bass, electrics, etc. to make it more “full” sounding.


…so that’ll be your free CDR if you buy the new one…which is hopefully coming by the end of the month.  And…surprize!  It’ll include a cover version of Roxy Music’s “Mother of Pearl.”  Hope the two of you who know that song are excited!  🙂


That’s it.  It’s 12:17.  Happy New Year.  Hope you did more than I did…or at least had better wine.  🙂


The George W. Bush Picture of the Day (19 days remaining in term):

“Happy New………what the hell is going on here?!?!?”


Note: In my opinion, that’s probably the funniest one.  I just couldn’t hold it off any longer.  🙂

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