What I Got…

Here’s a list of stuff I got for Christmas:

  • Dayna gave me a coffee sampler on Monday, which was especially nice because I didn’t get her anything.  Super sorry, Dayna.
  • The new Futurama movie (Bender’s Game).
  • Roddy Doyle’s “Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha” — which I didn’t ask for, but was the only Roddy Doyle book my brother could find.  So far, it’s pretty good.
  • Alice Cooper’s “Along Came a Spider” (Which astute readers will note was mentioned in my “Best of 08” post.  I’ve got a Rhapsody subscription, so I’d already heard it but hadn’t bought it.)
  • Metallica’s “Ride the Lightening” which I’ve just never bought on CD for some reason.
  • The Garfield Minus Garfield book.
  • The Mel Brooks boxed set.  (So I guess my dad got a gift too, since he now is going to have possession of my other copy of “To Be or Not to Be.”)
  • A lamp for my living-room.
  • $40.
  • A magazine detailing Barack Obama’s road to the White House.  (I’m the kind of guy who thinks that stuff’s cool.)
  • The Who “Live at Kilburn.”
  • “Falling Man” by Don DeLillo.
  • The Dark Knight.
  • Simpsons Season 7 (I’m slowly, slowly, slowly getting all of them, holiday to holiday).
  • A gift card to Kohl’s.
  • …and Susan’s mom gave me a bottle of wine today, which I’m counting as a gift.  🙂  (It’s not bad…gets better upon refilling the glass.  Heh.)

…don’t think I missed anything.  Apologies to anyone who does not see their gift mentioned.  We’re doing Christmas with my uncle and grandma on Jan. 2…so if there’s anything awesome that I get then, I’ll list it, too.


Feel free to tell me what you got in the comments, if you’re feeling braggy.


George W. Bush Picture of the Day (25 days remaining in term):

I like to call this one, “A Major Step Forward in Race Relations”



Current Reading:

  • That Roddy Doyle book…duh!