Lots and lots of words…

This is my 400th post on this blog.  That’s a lot.  It’s an almost embarrassingly high number.  Fortunately it took me like two years to do it, rather than a month or something…so I guess that’s not too bad.  Still, pointless milestones make you think.  🙂


Fitting that in my 400th post I should talk about something that’s a major pet peeve of mine.  (No…not the “I don’t like to hear people chewing” thing.  That’s a completely different, crazy-yet-justifiable thing.)  What I’m talking about is the conscious, intentional removal of the world “Christmas” from holiday greetings.


Now…it may surprise you that I’d be the type of person to bring it up.  I’m on record as not liking Christmas music.  I don’t decorate.  If I had a gun, I’d fire it at any carolers that happen to show up on my lawn.  I wrote a Christmas song of my own, which contains the f-word in every line.  I’m not “Captain Christmas,” and unless it’s Dom DeLuise in the “Him” mask, I even think the name “Captain Christmas” is stupid.  (Incidentally, upon Googling to find out how to spell “DeLuise,” I discovered that he’s not gay.  For years, I thought he was.  My apologies to Mr. DeLuise for perpetuating a rumor like that…which I’m sure has kept him up at night.)


So…why would I care about if someone uses the word “Christmas” or not?  Well…  I don’t.  The pet peeve isn’t that people remove it, it’s that people get so pissed off when people do.  I’m actually an advocate of the phrase “Happy Holidays” except for on Christmas Day, when I think it’s absolutely appropriate to wish anyone and everyone a Merry Christmas, since that’s actually the name of the day. 


I used to feel differently about it…but now I don’t.  Not everyone’s a Christian (or a Christmas-ian, as I call the people who only trot out their faith when it gets them presents).  Not everyone celebrates the same holiday.  Shoot…even among Christians, WE don’t only celebrate one holiday, and the term “Happy Holidays” seems to be sufficient to cover both Christmas and New Year’s, doesn’t it?  So why should I care if Walmart or Best Buy wants to tell EVERYONE they’re welcome and also cover their butts on their New Year’s sale as well?


They’re just words…we use lots and lots of them every day.  Some days, we use different ones.  Don’t get so worked up over it.


…and now…Your George W. Bush Picture of the Day (27 Days left in term):

I TOLD YOU he knows how to rock!!!