My Brush With Ben

I go to the forums at Lostpedia — a website dedicated to the TV show LOST. (In fact, the one favored by the creators, apparently, since we were mentioned on the DVD. Suck on THAT DarkUFO!!!) Lostpedia was recently granted an interview with Michael Emerson, the man who plays Ben on the show. Forum members contributed questions to be asked and two of mine made it through! (Mr. Emerson was kind enough to answer 42 questions in all — a shockingly gracious display.)

Here’s the first one of mine that made it:

Lostpedia: What other actor(s) would you list as having had an influence on your craft?

Emerson: My idols tend to be the great actors of the Broadway or London stage-actors who found ways to manage the world of language.


Uhh…thanks? What were their names again? 🙂 Of course, I wouldn’t have recognized them anyway…but hey…that’s why the good Lord invented Google. Nonetheless, cool to see my question there…and even cooler to see the next one…

Lostpedia: Which genre of music do you enjoy the most? What kinds of CDs do you like to collect?

Emerson: I have pretty eclectic taste in music with a leaning toward the melancholy. I like Bach and blues and trip-hop. I like old jazz and live bluegrass and old reggae and anything ancient. Garage bands, Nick Drake, Captain Beefheart, Nino Rota, etc. etc.


(To be fair, I wasn’t the only one asking that question.)

In case you missed it… Michael Emerson likes Captain ****ing Beefheart! That’s nuts. I’ve only ever made it through one Captain Beefheart record and I think I might’ve somehow gotten a contact high by the time it was over. It’s the weirdest stuff I’ve ever heard, next to Zappa…and apparently Emerson’s all over it! I mean, I don’t know if I expected him to mention The Stones or The Who or what…but the Beefheart name-drop blew my mind!

So, that was my brush with Emerson. He now knows-ish me as “one of those douchebags from Lostpedia.” And that’s pretty cool. 🙂

(For the record, I also had a question about Jorge Garcia’s blog make it to the Lostpedia interview with Jorge.  That was also cool, but for some reason I didn’t blog about it.)


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