30 Days

In thirty days, George W. Bush will exit the White House and Barack Obama will enter.  Now, I’m not going to take the opportunity to say a bunch of mean, unfair things.  Partially, I’m trying to be more polite about that sort of thing…but mostly, pictures are worth a thousand words.  Whatever else you can say about Mr. Bush, he certainly provided us a few laughs in his photo-ops.  In the next 30 days, I will post 30 funny pictures of Mr. Bush that are completely undoctored.  I hope we’ll ALL get a laugh out of this, Liberal and Conservative alike.


I promise that in future posts, this will just kind of be an aside.  I’ll talk about other stuff and then at the end of the post I’ll just tack one on…but I thought an introduction was needed for the very first one.


With no further ado, here is the very first picture in the series, which I’m calling “The George W. Bush Picture of the Day.”


Not sure what’s happening in this one, but it made me laugh.  Say what you will, the man knows how to rock!  🙂


My favorite part is the Presidential Seal below the bridge.  🙂