Gripes and Gifts

In the past couple of days I’ve had several theologically charged, fairly heated conversations.  I usually don’t get wrapped up in those because, frankly, if it’s not a salvation issue I really don’t care about it.  Also, the stuff people usually get fighting mad about are small things that don’t matter in any way shape or form and do nothing to directly affect the message of the Bible.  The point of the Bible, of course, is more important than the specifics (the point being essentially John 3:16).


One of the conversations I accidentally started.  I thought I was asking a simple question.  One of those, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite follow you there, could you explain it really quickly?” things…but it became like a half-hour conversation that got kind of intense.  Then the most recent was today in which someone asked a question that I immediately knew would be found offensive by most of the people in the room and then turned into a really uncomfortable few minutes.  I don’t know what the deal is…maybe Jesus is just on people’s minds, what with Christmas being next week.


Speaking of which, I’m pretty happy with what I’m getting everyone.  I even ended up getting stuff I hadn’t planned on, going entirely off-list for my dad on a thing or two.  I like doing that kind of thing — getting people stuff I think they’ll like and that they don’t necessarily see coming.  Kind of makes me feel like God (stay with me), who gave mankind something we’d all like, but that we certainly didn’t know we were getting.


…and I don’t know about you, but I kind of prefer it when people just open my gift and they’re happy about it.  I prefer that they not proceed to follow it up by getting into petty arguments about what fabric was used to construct the shirt, what season a favored episode occurred in on the DVD sets, which record was better and when the band in question sold out…etc.  I just like them to enjoy the gift.  Which kind of sums up my thoughts on God, too.


So let’s stop arguing.  It’s Christmas.


Current Watching:

  • Rewatching parts of LOST Season Four, but I’m going to watch some Futurama in a while.

PS – The Bush-picture thing starts in the next post.  🙂