6 thoughts on “WARNING!”

  1. Derek dude… seriously the cigarette picture? That seriously is really bad for your health and I think it sends a pretty bad message don’t you?

    Although maybe all the smokers voted for him in hopes that Cigarette tax will come down?

    I read your blog all the time by the way I think it is awesome (for the most part) my husband liked your comic book post too.

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Cool! Glad you like the blog. I often wonder just who I’m writing to. 🙂

    I thought the cigarette thing was funny. I’m on record as having voted for the guy (and I think I’m also on record as not being offended by smokers), so I figured one mild cheap-shot was fair.

  3. I am on the record as not voting for him. (Totally okay with your side of things not sparking a debate or hate thing) I just think it sends a bad message to the young people about smoking… you know the whole “if the presidents doing so can I” I just can’t believe he let him self get caught with one on film… bad plan…

    Not offended by smokers either as long as they are of age to do it. (Although I do think and know (I used to smoke) that it is completely stupid and unhealthy)

    Sweet keep writing!

  4. I was shocked that it was such a big deal. I saw the headline on Yahoo and my reaction was, “So?” I guess I just grew up at a time when people smoked EVERYWHERE and I’ve smoked, too, so I don’t think much about it. Just struck me as really odd that it was being touted as a “scandal” in the news. I’m thinking, “the dude’s in his 30s and is under a lot of pressure…he can buy a pack of Camels if he wants to.” 🙂

    Plus, y’know…smoking makes you look cool. (j/k — kind of)

  5. must say, his hair looks to be lacking the flecks of gray it now has. could be wrong, but that looks a smidge old.

    anywho, the guy admits to falling off the wagon every once in a while, and to me that shows he’s human. not such a bad thing.

  6. Indeed, sir. Indeed.

    And, yeah, I’m sure that’s a really old picture. I was seeing it pre-election, I think for a year or more.

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