I’ve had a lot of balls in the air lately, musically.  Blue Tattoo finally has its first gig on the calendar (Jan 17 at The Chapel).  The Feldman Group has a bunch of dates scheduled.  My solo record is ready to go at any moment.  I’m recording an EP for a friend’s band.  And there’s a piece of information I recently found out that is also of interest…


Let’s take them one by one.


  1. Blue Tattoo – We’ve been wanting to get a gig together for some time.  Honestly, I’d just about given up hope.  We sent out press packets and directed booker after booker to our website…and NOTHING.  No calls, no e-mails…nothing.  For months.  Then, out of the clear blue sky, Johnny gets contacted by The Chapel, and they want us to play an opening set for someone.  At first, it was going to be the 9th, but now it’s the 17th — which actually works out a little better for me.  I was getting worried.  I was actually thinking that if we didn’t get something on the calendar soon that someone was going to quit.  I won’t say who I thought it would be…but it would’ve created some problems.  Hopefully this gig will lead to other gigs and we’ll all be happy.
  2. Feldman Gigs – Those who’ve read my blog regularly (pray for them) will know that I have a love/hate relationship with playing the 4-hour bar gigs with Mike.  But, we keep busy, and it keeps putting money in my pocket.  There are a couple of very lucrative ones on the horizon, too.  Also, we recorded a new demo at my house recently, and it’s pending Mike’s approval.  Hopefully he likes it.
  3. Solo Record – It’s done and ready to be sent out, except that I’m a little lower on cash than I expected, and I’m also needing to finish up a couple of things on the bonus disk.  I was saying I was sending it out “just before Thanksgiving,” but now that’s looking like “just before Christmas.”  Sorry, stocking stuffers.
  4. The Lower End of Normal (LEON) – My friend (and drummer on my new record) Dave Knobel is in the band Lower End of Normal (LEON).  They’ve been meaning to put together an EP for about ten years, and it’s finally coming together, with me at the sound-board.  I’m enjoying it, and I hope it ends up sounding as good as they’re all hoping.
  5. …And one more thing…  I mentioned the Feldman band and how regularly we’re gigging.  However, I  was recently informed that Kenny (the drummer) is going to be quitting the band after our Jan 10th gig.  That sucks.  I like Kenny.  But, he’s got other interests, and the schedule with Mike can get grueling — especially when the shows are crappy.  We’ve had more than a couple of those lately, and I totally get his reasons for leaving.  I’ll just miss hanging out with him, is all.  Also, I would imagine we’re going to be slowing down a little with the loss of Kenny, and we’ll probably have less gigs for a while.

So…that’s pretty much what’s been taking up all of my free time lately.


Current Watching:

  • Okay…not today…but almost definitely tomorrow, I’ll be picking up season four of LOST on DVD.  I’ve seen all the episodes…I’m mostly in it for the commentaries and bonus features.  🙂

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