“Imagine” that…

Somehow, downloading all the Beatles stuff yesterday, I didn’t know that today marks the 28th anniversary of the death of John Lennon…so my timing was weird, and significant.


John Lennon died the same year I was born.  I’d like to think I’ve lived up to his legacy…and then I think of Yoko Ono, and I know I’ve actually done a little bit better.  😉


Rest in peace, John.  The world’s gotten stupider, and you’d hate it here.  So enjoy it where you are.

2 thoughts on ““Imagine” that…”

  1. so, i’ve been puzzling about the Yoko comment (how you’ve done better) and trying to figure out the context of your thoughts…
    my only logical guess is that you have had more appropriate reasons to dissolve your previous band connections than a woman…
    other than that, i can only speculate as i have no idea what she looked like, or how she acted, or anything else…

  2. Chiefly, I find Yoko Ono just overall distasteful. I don’t think she was really all that responsible for the breakup of the Beatles…I just don’t much like her. She’s just not attractive on any physical or personal level (IMO). So, pretty much…I never dated/married Yoko Ono — nor did I co-front the Plastic Ono Band…so I’ve done better than John Lennon did. 🙂

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