So Put Jan 17th on Your Calendar…

Blue Tattoo has our first gig, and it’s January 17th at “The Chapel” with a band called “The Fishpaws.”  I think we’re opening.  Times and whatnot to follow…but I’m pretty sure it’ll be 21+, for those of you who are younger than the average age of the band (which is like 31.5, I think) — I sometimes forget about that rule, since I haven’t been a minor in a while.  For the record, I still think it sucks (even though I completely get it).  Nevertheless…the gig should be cool, 21 or not.  🙂


In other news, I’ve been spending all day downloading the “Purple Chick” Beatles remasters.  Basically this genius on the Internet remastered all the old Beatles stuff (including a bunch of songs not available on the actual records, which many casual fans — like myself — have never heard) and put it on the Internet for free.  There’s some Googling necessary, but you can find it pretty easily.  I’m not going to link to it, because it’s not necessarilylegal.  But it’s pretty cool.  (There are discs and discs worth of false-starts, outtakes, and stuff like “just the horns from Sgt. Pepper.”  It’s freaking ridiculous.)  Sounds WAY better than the CD masters which have never really been given a proper treatment.  With these out there for FREE if the Beatles people ever get it together to do a proper re-release, they’re going to have their work cut out for them to top it.  I’d imagine these will be the standard that future Beatles re-masters (if any) are judged by.  (If you’re interested in the downloads, e-mail me.  I think there’s some way to do that through WordPress, but I’m not sure…if you’re a friend, you’ll have the address.)


Current Watching:

  • The Drew Carey Show, which is on TV for once!  I thought they stopped showing it.
  • Later, The Simpsons…

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