I have been neglecting my blog a little lately, for which I apologize (mostly to Angela).  It’s mainly been because I’ve been writing other things.  I try to write something every day.  Most days, that manifests in a blog post.  In the past couple of weeks, it’s manifested in either stuff for work, or working on one of several other things I’m working on.


I’m writing three short-stories.  One is a re-vamp of a love story I started a couple of years ago (but never finished).  One is a loose-framework based on some songs I’d written (also a couple of years ago).  The last is…actually I’m not sure what it is, because it keeps evolving and I keep scrapping parts of it and just keeping random sentences I liked.


The love story is semi-autobiographical.  Kind of starts at the end and traces things back…not in the “Pulp Fiction” way, though.  More in the “I’ve had an epiphany about what got me here” way (like “Casino,” but without Joe Pesci crapping it up).  I like it, and I hope I actually finish it this time.  I may have even mentioned it here in like 2006.  It’s called “Assessment.”  At one time, “part one” was like 53 pages.  Now it’s approximately five.  I’m hoping to max-out at about 30-50 pages of it for the complete story, if that much.


The “loose-framework” thing is based on some songs I wrote for an on-again/off-again concept record called “New Year’s Eve.”  It’s a very short libretto about a guy who has a really crappy year.  The libretto is a lot darker than the songs, and is meant to be a “story-so-far” leading up to where the record starts.  Kind of like what Pete Townshend wrote in the liner-notes of the “Quadrophenia” record.  I really like it, and I’ll probably do something with it, even if I don’t do the record.


The other thing has been heavily Vonnegut influenced.  It’s got a sci-fi touch to it, but not traditionally so.  “Sci-fi” is probably a misleading term for it, actually.  It’s just kind of a thing where the consciousness of the narrator is allowed to shift between time-periods.  More like an assortment of memories being altered as they’re remembered.  It also touches on concepts of war, religion, race, and apathy.  It’s probably going nowhere, and I haven’t bothered naming it.  It’s just an exercise, really.


I’m also in the process of writing a fourth thing.  I’ve been reluctant to tell anyone about it, but it’s coming along well-enough that I’ll spill a bean or two.  It’s called “Restless.”  The term I’m using to describe it is that it’s the “non-linear, un-biographical autobiography” of my life.  It’s a bunch of stories that are true and are the moments that’ve really shaped my life.  But there’s very little of the typical “I was born in a log cabin in Illinois” stuff.  (I wasn’t, by the way.) 


It’s being arranged in order of one event leading to the other, but not necessarily in chronological order.  Maybe in chapter one I’ll begin talking about my mom, and that will lead to me talking about how it took me so long to cut my hair (as an adult) because I struggled with image issues about my ears ever since I was a kid (because mom grew my hair long to cover them).  So I’m suddenly dealing with my adult life, when I was talking about being 14.  Then in chapter two, maybe I’ll jump back and talk about my first day of school (I don’t, but I could theoretically do that), and we’re back in time to Mom being alive and my hair being long again.  Each chapter is arranged more by subject than year.  I doubt that I’ll try to sell it to anyone…I’ll probably just end up posting it here or as a download on derekbrink.com.  After all, I’m not famous or anything…why would anyone want to PAY to read my autobiography.  Sure, it worked when Frank McCourt did it (“Angela’s Ashes”), but he had the immigrant thing going for him…  My story’s probably only interesting to a few people…so I’ll probably end up posting it here.


So…that’s what’s been keeping me busy.  I guess that’s been more interesting to me lately than writing about…whatever I usually write here.  🙂


I’ll try to blog more often, but if I don’t, please don’t feel like I’ve stopped loving you.  🙂  …and I’ll keep you posted on if any of the above develops further.


Quotable Quotes:

  • “You don’t know what it is, to be hungry.” – Vladek Spiegelman, survivor of Auschwitz
  • “It is not God’s will for everyone to be happy.  It is God’s will for everyone to be saved.” – Anonymous
  • Re: Charlie Daniels’ “Duets” record: “…who with?  Everybody?” – Teague