Long Survey

I stole the following survey from my friend Daniel on Facebook, and apparently, he stole it from someone called Julie.  It’s a long one, but kind of fun.  Enjoy!




  • Available: Yes, but I’m pretty busy with work and I’m not looking for anything serious.
  • Age: 28
  • Annoyance: The sound of people chewing.
  • Animal: 1-2-3-4-5 against 1. 5-5 5 against one…



  • Beer: Guinness or the like.  If you can see through it, I’m not interested.
  • Birthday: May 29, 1980.
  • Best Friend[s]: Nikomas, Dave K, and the guys in my band.
  • Best feeling in the world: I don’t remember her name right now.
  • Blind or Deaf: I’m already half deaf (my left ear), so can I just go half blind as well and call it even?
  • Best weather: Winter.
  • Been in Love: Yes.
  • Been on stage?: Lots.
  • Believe in Magic: Johnson?  Sure, I guess.
  • Believe in Santa: Ana?  Sure.  They have his leg in Texas.


  • Candy: I’m mostly a Twix and Snickers guy…but anything with chocolate.
  • Color: I mainly dress in earth-tones, so probably brown or black or something like that.
  • Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
  • Chinese/Mexican: Mexican, I guess.  I think I have a better chance of learning Spanish than Chinese.
  • Cake or pie: Depends on my mood.  I like both.
  • Continent to visit: I gots to get to British Europe one of these days.  I’d also like to see Germany.
  • Cheese: Sure.


  • Day or Night: Night, but not always by choice.
  • Dance in the rain: Sometimes.  More likely to sleep in it.



  • Eyes: Hazel, leaning toward green.  Also bloodshot.
  • Everyone has: The innate spark of the divine and inner beauty.  (My first instinct, though, was “to poop.”)
  • Ever failed a class?: Yes, indeed.


  • Full name: Derek Lee Brink
  • First thoughts waking up: The f-word, followed by considering calling in sick.
  • Food: I’m a food addict.  I’m virtually always eating.


  • Greatest Fear: Loneliness–not being alone…loneliness.
  • Goals: None.
  • Gum: None.
  • Get along with your parents?: Yes, but my mom’s dead, so that’s not too hard.
  • Good luck charm: I carry a small cross in my left pocket and I have crosses drawn on my boot-heels to chase the devil away.  Seriously.


  • Hair Color: Red, but leaning toward strawberry blonde, I’m told.
  • Height: 5’9″/5’10”.  I seem to get both, depending on who’s measuring.  So it’s probably like 5’9.5″ or something.
  • Happy: Sometimes.  Not often enough.
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving.
  • How do you want to die: In a way so impressive that people aren’t even sad.


  • Ice Cream: There’s something they have at Maggie-Moo’s.  Better Butter, or something like that.
  • Instrument: Guitar, bass, hammered dulcimer, banjo, mandolin, a little piano, a little drums, tin whistle, harmonica, didgeridoo, lap-steel, jews-harp, ocarina…I try to passably learn one a year.


  • Jewelry: I occasionally wear a “trinity” ring, and I’ll wear a cross now and again…but otherwise, not much.
  • Job(s): Librarian.  Musician.


  • Kids: I love kids.  They taste like chicken.
  • Kickboxing or karate: While you’re getting into your “stance” I’m smashing a brick into your face.  Wuss.
  • Keep a journal?: Used to.  Now I blog.


  • Longest Car Ride: Not sure.  I’ve done a lot of driving.  Probably the most impressive was the one from STL to Minneapolis with no stops.
  • Love: I hear it’s all you need.
  • Letter: Q.  It’s the funniest letter.
  • Laughed so hard you cried: Recently, recounting a weird dream I had.


  • Milk flavor: White.
  • Movies: I love movies, but I hate movie theatres.
  • Motion sickness?: Not usually, but it depends on who’s driving.
  • McD’s or BK: I’m assuming you mean McDonald’s or Burger King…but I’m mostly a Wendy’s guy.


  • Number of Siblings: One.
  • Number of Piercings: Above the belt?  None.
  • Number: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, or 42.


  • One wish: To always have at least $750.


  • Perfect Pizza: I’m not really that picky…but Dominoes sucks.
  • Pepsi/Coke: Coke…but prefer Dr. Pepper, if you’ve got it.


  • Quote: Well that seems kind of silly, but okay…here you go: “


  • Reason to cry: Pain or allergies.
  • Reality T.V.: SUCKS.
  • Radio Station: I don’t listen to the radio.
  • Roll your tongue in a circle? Yeah.  And I’m single, ladies!  (What?)
  • Ring size: Depends on the finger.


  • Song: Don’t Fear the Reaper by BOC, and not because of that Will Ferrel sketch.
  • Shoe size: 8-8.5, depending on the shoe.
  • Salad Dressing: Ranch.  I’ll put Ranch on anything.
  • – Sushi: Not usually, but I like mussels.
  • – Skipped school: Frequently.
  • – Slept outside: Not of my own will.
  • – Smoked?: I wish I was smoking right now.
  • – Skinny dipped?: Yes.  And it was awesome.
  • – Sing well?: I like to think so, but it’s all relative.
  • – In the shower?: No…on the couch.  My laptop’s not waterproof.
  • – Swear?: As much as I can without getting fired.
  • – Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries…though my aunt Clara makes a good blueberry pie.


  • Time for bed: I’m an insomniac, and I take offense to this question.
  • Thunderstorms: fine as long as the lights stay on.


  • Unpredictable: Gas.


  • Vacation spot: I don’t take vacations.


  • Weakness: Getting kicked in the nuts.
  • Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I hope none of them…God forbid there be another one of me.
  • Who makes you laugh the most: Probably my brother.
  • Worst feeling: I don’t remember her name right now…
  • Wanted to be a model? Only if I could be Rick The Model Martel.
  • Where do we go when we die?: What comes from dust returns to dust.
  • Worst Weather?: Summer.


  • X-Rays: All of the Rays I know are still called Ray.  Sorry.
  • Ex’s: Numerous and irritating…and that’s an “e,” dingus.


  • Year it is now: 2008
  • Yellow: Terrible Coldplay song.


  • Zoo animal: Penguins.


  1. Slept in a bed beside you? Hmm…”slept?” I don’t recall.
  2. You went to the mall with? My dad, last time, I guess.
  3. You went to dinner with? My brother last week.
  4. You talked to on the phone? Somebody who called the Library and didn’t know what they were talking about.
  5. Made you laugh? Jason Lee on “My Name is Earl” (Happens to be on right now.)
  6. Hugged you? I don’t remember.  I hug a lot of people.
  7. Said they loved you? My Grandma.
  8. Held your hand? Also My Grandma.  It was weird.
  9. Spoke with? Candice, I think.

The End.


Current Reading:

  • The Pulitzer-Prize winning Comic Book “Maus” by Art Spiegelman

4 thoughts on “Long Survey”

  1. You might want to investigate the possibility of a coorelation between doing that and how many crappy days you have. 😉

    Seriously, though. I’m flattered! 🙂

  2. My previous comment was to Angela…just saw Shay’s, and yes…Better Batter is what I was looking for. Thanks! 🙂

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