An Open Letter to the Best Buy Near My House

Dear Best Buy,


So…what happened?  You used to have a really good selection of DVDs, but now it’s crap.  I mean, sure, you have tons of the Special Edition of “Animal House.”  But I don’t want that, Best Buy.  I want other things.


I understand that you’re making the transition to Blue Ray (even though a large majority of the world ISN’T)…but even your Blue Ray section sucks.  Where you used to have about six racks of quality DVD selections, you now have only two rows, and only ONE of Blue Ray.  The rest of the area which used to hold DVDs is now filled with video games.


Okay.  First of all…screw Blue Ray.  I’m not ready for a new format yet, and neither is most of working-class, DVD buying mid-America.  So you can suck it on that one.  But beyond that, even if you’re GOING to stock a format most people don’t want yet, you could at least keep the same volume of products.  Why are you down to three rows of movies when you used to have six?  And what’s with all the video games?  I’m an adult (and a fat one, at that).  I’m not going to be playing the Wii any time soon.  I outgrew video games long ago (okay, except for the time-wasters at, when I’m bored at work — err — on my personal time and designated holidays, I mean).


Look.  I’m basically a nerd.  I like music, movies, books, and comics.  I don’t have room in my life for video games and neither do the majority of your target demographic.  I know you probably sell a lot of them to soccer moms and hockey dads who are just looking to set their kid down in front of something and get some time to themselves.  But I’d imagine you sell more music and movies to guys like me than you do video games to bad parents.  What was wrong with where you USED to keep the games?  They were out of the way of those of us who have a purpose in life, yet still in a trafficked area for the kids and those about to fail out of college.  Instead, you’ve moved a product aimed at people with no money into MY territory.


Look here, Best Buy…  I spend hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars on DVDs (depends on the month).  You’re taking away the supply, yet I still have the demand.  This is basic math…  I’ll be taking my demand elsewhere.  And the real kicker is that I’m probably going to be paying someone else (like Barnes and Noble) MORE money for the same product.  But I’d rather spend more somewhere that has what I want and gives a crap about their loyal customers than go to a place that edged me out and buy stuff I don’t want, just because it’s what’s left on the shelves.


…and there’s always the Internet, which actually probably saves me some money, but I’ve now got to wait for delivery…


Plus, I’d just like to mention that the guy I asked about the “Threevening with Kevin Smith” DVD yesterday wasn’t at all helpful (he didn’t even look it up) and tried to sell me on Blue Ray, which pretty much sold me on not spending money at your store anymore.  I would’ve gotten his name…but I get the suspicion that I’d just get the same from whoever his manager is…poor leadership = poor workers.


If I were the only one who felt this way, it’d be one thing.  But I know I’m not alone.  Wanna know how?  Because I was listening to the other nerds in the DVD aisles (we were crammed in pretty tight, by the way) complaining about the lack of selection and muttering “f*ck Blue Ray.”  Bad move, Best Buy…bad move.


Please write back.


-Derek, the Voice of America.


Quotable Quotes:

(This one’s actually a conversation I had with the dude behind the desk at a comics shop.)

  • Me: “Have you read any of the Marvel Zombies stuff?”
  • Dude: (Without looking up from the desk) “SUUUUUUCKS!”