Okay…it’s Fine Now…

I now have no problems with it looking a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.  Hang your lights.  Dust off your Santas.  Re-straw your mangers.  Polish up your Yule Log (gross).  The season is officially upon us.


I like Christmas.  I could do without the crowds at the places I shop, though.  As someone who FREQUENTS Best Buy, Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc…some of you have a lot to learn.  You’re making it difficult for the regulars.  Shoot, Best Buy now partitions us off from the cash registers like cattle instead of letting us check out like real people.  I blame you and your line-jumping, Soccer-mom-with-a-headache.  I blame you, Last-minute-shopping-stepdad for the lines at Walmart.  I blame you, Guy-who-didn’t-know-he-had-to-buy-for-Grandma for the delays at the bookstores (and she’s not going to like the book you got her, by the way).  Most of all, though…I blame myself for not shopping online.


So this year, I’m trying to do all of my Christmas shopping on the Internet.  That said…Dad, Dave, Valerie, Susan, etc, etc…I need your Christmas list SOON, so I can get to work on it.  I’ve only got 20-some shopping days left!


And the rest of you…enjoy your line.


Current Reading:

  • Just finished “A Star Called Henry” by Roddy Doyle this weekend.  I really liked it.  Makes me want to read more of his stuff.
  • I now have “The Bloodstone Papers” living in my coat-pocket (that’s where I keep the books I’m reading during Winter).  It’s by Glen Duncan (author of “Death of an Ordinary Man” and “I, Lucifer”).  He’s pretty good, but this one’s dragging a little for me.  Maybe it’s because I know nothing of the culture of India, so I feel a little detached with the book being about an Indian family, even though it’s barely even a point in the story so far.
  • Hoping to get lots of books for Christmas, too…and I’ll post a list thereafter.

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