So, has anyone been following the national news on Lori Drew and her MySpace debacle?  I have.  The case originates not far from where I live.  The short version is that allegedly [sic on “allegedly”] this woman (Drew) created a fake MySpace account to screw with a girl called Megan, saying she wanted to see what the girl was saying about her own daughter.  In case you missed it, that’d make Drew at least old enough to have a teenage daughter, and thereby would imply that she’s an “adult” [sic on “adult”]. 


She created a fake persona of a young teenage boy who was “enticing” Megan and was supposed to eventually crush her feelings.  Drew and her accomplices would then humiliate the girl by printing the conversations between her and the fake boy, for distribution at her school, or confront her about it in a public place, like a mall, with as many of her friends and enemies around as possible.  However, they never got the opportunity for the “embarrassment” part of the plan.  Instead, the events turned into an Internet flame-fest with someone reportedly telling the thirteen-year-old “The world would be better off without you.”  She chose to believe that, and Megan hung herself in her closet.


She was a thirteen-year-old girl being harassed on the Internet by a MOTHER who is, I’m guessing, in her fifties.


In Missouri, they apparently couldn’t find enough to charge her with anything (proving once again that Missouri law is only enforced when it absolutely HAS to be, I guess).  However, she is presently on trial in LA for violating the MySpace “terms of use” (since MySpace’s office is in LA).  Pretty much, they’re putting her on trial trying to prove that she was negligent in her computer use.  Nothing to do really with the girl whose DEATH SHE CAUSED (though they are making a very big point of it in the trial).  Essentially, she’s on trial for “hacking” and only faces a maximum of 1-year in jail…more likely a minimum of probation (which is nothing).


Worse than the lack of punishment that’s possible is the lack of punishment that’s PROBABLE.  The judge — pay attention to this name for the next time you vote, LA residents — George H. Wu is likely to throw out the case or completely reverse any “guilty” rulings handed down.  He has not been at all fair thus-far.  Here’s what my hometown paper has to say about it (via…


Prosecutors presented no evidence that any of the alleged co-conspirators read or knew anything about the terms, however.

“How can you violate something when you don’t know what it is?” Steward [defense] asked.

Without knowledge of the terms and a conscious decision to violate them, Steward said, “We are over. End of case.”

The terms of service issue has dogged the case for months. Steward asked Wu to dismiss the case Friday, saying prosecutors had not proven the elements necessary under the law.

Wu seemed receptive, as he has in the past, taking up Steward’s position.

He pointed out that the statute requires Drew to intentionally violate the terms or service, and asked, “How would they know unless they read the terms of service?”

In the end, Wu said he would need the weekend to decide.

On Monday morning, he told both sides that he would not yet issue a decision and to proceed with the end of testimony and closing arguments. By law, Wu could throw out the case after the jury has returned a guilty verdict — if he ultimately agrees with Steward.


So…she’s likely to completely walk.  Justice will not be served.  A teenager will have died, and the GROWN F**KING WOMAN who pretty much handed her the noose will go unpunished.  (Nevermind that it’s on the record MULTIPLE times that willful ignorance of laws and rules does not qualify one for “innocence.”  I mean, I’ve never READ the law that says, “Don’t rape and then murder anyone by stabbing them 27 times with a salad fork…”  But I’m pretty sure I’d still go to jail if I did it.)


…but here’s the good part…


Drew has already moved once.  She still continues to be harassed at her NEW home.  People want nothing to do with her.  Her name is globally known and people know what she looks like (fat cow, by the way).  She will probably NEVER get a good night’s sleep again for fear of being harassed or being haunted by the memory of what she did. 


In a lot of ways, that’s BETTER than a conviction…but not for her.


I know she doesn’t read my blog (or at least I assume it), but Lori…in words that have been so closely connected with this case…  “Have a shitty rest of your life.”  You deserve it.




Sorry for getting all heavy on you guys today…my next post will be fun.  And just to take some of the edge off of this post, here’s a picture of George Bush eating a kitten.





CORRECTION (10:25 PM) – I incorrectly quoted Megan’s age as sixteen.  She was, in truth, THIRTEEN.  Which makes Lori Drew’s crime three years more disturbing.