I was a sinner…

…until I saw The Reverend Horton Heat.


Just got back from the concert a little bit ago.  Awesome show.  Probably the best and most energetic mosh pit I’ve seen in a few years, and the band was freaking ON tonight!  Lots of fun and some really great songs.  Even broke out a cover of “Rock This Town,” which will hopefully put some of this “Stray Cats vs. The Rev” stuff to bed.


Going into the show, my shoulder hurt (I’ve been having some problems with it lately).  It moved into my back a little bit into the second act (the kind of embarrassing to watch “Nashville Pussy” — who you pretty much have the right impression of just by their name).  I went off to the bathroom, partially to make use of it, and partially just because I had to walk a little.  Then I felt really stupid about whining about my back, and the whole evening was put into perspective.


All I’m saying is that when a guy is wheelchair-bound to the point that he’s got to have a friend stand outside of the stall while he takes care of business, then the guy has to go in and help him pull up his pants and get back into his wheelchair…  Not only are those guys the best fans a band could ask for…they’re also probably really great people to hang out with.  A friend who’ll wipe your ass for you is a GOOD friend.


So I left the bathroom and stopped complaining…and it was a great show.  They even played “Galaxy 500.”  🙂


Current Watching:

Some movie with Kurt Russell in it…which is pretty much why I’m typing…

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