The Interwebs: Serious Business!

I’ve been running into a lot of Internet arguments lately.  Don’t know why.  Seems like I’ve even inadvertently started a few myself.  Not totally sure what the deal is, but it seems like people are taking things entirely too seriously these days.  I’ve been witness to (or directly involved in) at least four Internet conversations that started out goofy and joking-around, but ended up with people getting downright scolded for “going too far” or for “not sounding like they’re kidding.”  (The latter of which, of course, is impossible, since we’re dealing with text…but I digress…)


It’s the INTERNET, people.  It’s something that exists solely for the purpose of expressing your ridiculous opinion on a wide variety of subjects.  Sure you’re going to run into opinions you don’t agree with, jokes you don’t find funny, and worldviews you can’t accept.  Click away from it.  Don’t start insulting people and their personal lives because they posted something they probably only put three seconds of thought into on Facebook, or whatever.  You’ve surely got bigger problems in your real life…bills, kids, home-repair, and the like?  Any of that ring a bell?


I’m mainly writing this because I’m watching a Message Board I used to go to kind of collapse.  Well…maybe not collapse, but there’s a lot of bad blood and name-calling going on (which is pretty much why I hadn’t gone there in like six-months until yesterday).  It’s just ridiculous.  And I’m seeing people behaving in much the same way on sites like Facebook and MySpace, too (but different people).  Nothing we say on the Internet can be taken at face value anymore.  Everyone MUST have an agenda, an ulterior motive, or be plotting against someone else.  It can’t just be random gibberish spewed forth onto a screen, can it?


Seems like all technology’s done is make it that much easier for people to be crappy to one another — in real time, no less.


That said, I’d just like to reassure everyone that I plan on continuing to use my blog as a forum to piss and moan about everything.  🙂


Quotable Quotes:

  • “We don’t have errors. We have revisions.” – My brother, re: Blue Tattoo
  • “Look…” – The first word out of Barack Obama’s mouth when Rolling Stone asked him why he didn’t choose Hillary as his running-mate.  (Just found it funny for some reason.)
  • “Man…Average is dumb.” – Harvey Pekar