A Few MORE Random Thoughts…

Sorry about not writing anything yesterday.  Been kind of busy and exhausted.  Still not quite over my cold, and I’m a little light-headed from it.  Mostly been taking it easy between working and other commitments, so I haven’t felt too motivated to write.


Anyhoo…here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:


  • The $700 billion bailout that recently happened.  I find that number interesting. I decided to look at it in relation to the (minimum) $600.00 “rebate” checks we got last year. There were roughly 46 million Americans paying taxes in 2005 (which is the only stat I could find online), so let’s use that as our number of taxpayers in America.  If all of them got only the MINIMUM rebate of $600, that adds up to $27,600,000,000.  Some got a lot more.  (Also, I’m pretty sure we’ve got more taxpayers now than we did in 2005, but I have nothing to back that up.)  Since Paulson announced that we won’t actually be allocating all of the $700 billion to the banks (which I thought was, uhh, the POINT), it seems to me like the country really could’ve used the money we all burnt, huh?  Just thinking out loud there…much like I did at the time…
  • Those who are more astute readers (if any) may be wondering just what happened with that record I’ve been working on.  Found one or two things I needed to tweak, but it’s just about ready,  I plan on sending it out for replication near Thanksgiving, and I hope to have it just in time for Christmas.
  • My Christmas List is now a reasonable length.  🙂
  • I bought personalized guitar picks.  I’ve had ones that say “Blue Tattoo” on them for some time…but I finally ordered ones just for me, with my signature and one of my logos on it.  It’s kind of cool, though I realize it’s pretty ridiculous.  🙂
  • I’ve gotten little done today, mostly because my shoulder’s sore and it’s distracting me.  I don’t know what the deal is with that shoulder.  Seems like it keeps getting better, then worse on and off…  Of course, I guess if I didn’t keep deciding that when it’s feeling “okay” it would be a good time to start moving boxes around and whatnot, that might help.
  • Anyone else find Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling incredibly embarassing?  Me too.
  • I finally fixed my Gretsch guitar.  The strap button ripped out of it a couple of months ago, and it’s just been sitting on a stand ever since.  It was an easy fix, as it turned out.  I thought I was going to have to get some wood-fill and drill a new hole…  But a carpenter I know told me to “just get some Elmer’s” and use that.  He said he uses it on all his errors, and it produces a strong bond, but if you mess it up, it’s also an easy clean-up.  He was right.  🙂  So the great orange beast returns to my arsenal…

That’s all I can think of.  My brain’s been scattered lately and I can’t really keep focus long enough to remember what’s interesting in my life at the moment.  🙂  Hope that was semi-worth the read, anyway.