“While we’re at it, baby, why don’t you tell me some of your biggest fears…”

The post title is a reference the the Pixies song “I’ve Been Tired.”  Wanna know why?  ‘Cause I’m tired.


I haven’t been sleeping well.  Partly because of the cold I’ve been fighting (it gets worse when I lay down), partly because artificial heating hurts my eyes (and it’s like 40 degrees in St. Louis, so the heater’s on), and partly, it’s just the good-old insomnia.  (I say again, as I do semi-annually, I am not using insomnia as an excuse to be up late and have fun — which is how most people use it — I’m referring to it as the disease that it is, and it is terrible.)


I’m at the point that coffee doesn’t help.  I’m sitting here, having downed about three cups of coffee, and I’m yawning, stretching, and I feel like I could just lay my head down and sleep for a week (were it at all appropriate to do so right now).  Unfortunately, I’ve got to stay awake for a few more hours, at least.  Then the cycle begins again, probably.


But, on the plus side, I have discovered that if you wait up late enough, TV Land shows “Mad About You” and “Murphy Brown” back-to-back.  That’s been alright.  And it’s weird how a lot of the same names from the 80s and 90s are still applicable, watching “Murphy Brown.”  Almost sad, in fact…but I’m tired of discussing politics, so that’s all I’ll say about it right now.


Anyway, if no one’s getting any fluid thoughts from me for a day or two…that’s why.


Current Listening:

  • I put my iPod on shuffle.  It’s weird how many songs I don’t know.

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