Some good news, anyway…

The professor mentioned in the previous post has spoken to me (with no knowledge of my bloggery), the student involved, and additional witnesses to the scene and has offered both a verbal and a nicely typed written apology for his actions.  I am glad to know that some people are man-enough to accept responsibility for their mistakes, and I commend him for his quick, classy, and responsible apology.  There are no ill-feelings there.  I believe that repentance is not only possible, but should be accepted when offered.


In other good news, I have a cold!  Oh wait…that isn’t good news at all…that sucks!


You’ve seen “Current Listening.”  You’ve seen “Current Watching.”  You’ve seen “Current Reading.”  …but as a FIRST from my blog, I now present to you, “Quotable Quotes!”

  • “Up with this, I will not put!” – Bernard Black, Black Books
  • “-Fresh Straw in every mattress, Jack.  It’s only a matter of time.  -That sounds like socialism.  -What it is, Jack, is a lot of straw in a country full of straw.” – Roddy Doyle, A Star Called Henry
  • “God calls us to forgive.  He does not, however, call us to submit ourselves to further abuse.” – Anonymous