Once More Before Tuesday

In 2004, they said that Bush/Kerry would be the most important election of my generation.  That election, of course, went to Bush.  In 2008, they are once again calling it the most important election of my generation (assuming I’m still in the generation they’re talking about, four years later).  This time, I actually kind of believe them.


Tomorrow.  It happens tomorrow.  We will either decide as a country that the politics of the last eight years were just fine and endorse John McCain as the next President, or we will decide that we’ve had enough, that it’s time for a change, and we will elect Barack Obama.  As most of you who read my blog (may God have mercy on your soul) know, I’m hoping for the latter.


At this point, I don’t think I have to say anything more about Bush.  There’s only so many times that I can point out his pantheon of faults and errors.  (Okay…I’ll probably do it ONCE more before the office is handed over in January).  I also am sticking to my word that I’m not going to slander John McCain.  However, I will say that I think most of the policies that he’s presented are very similar to George Bush’s, and therefore I find them just as ridiculous, out of touch, and irresponsible.  He said in the last debate that he’s “not George Bush” and he’s right.  He’s only 90% George Bush, as per his TV ads which claim that he voted with the “President” [sic] 90% of the time.


I sometimes wonder what happened to McCain.  He used to be the Conservative that the Liberals liked.  He seemed like the kind of guy that we wouldn’t have minded having on one of OUR tickets…but since the White House became tangibly in his sight, he seems to have become everything we hate (though “hate” may be a little strong — or maybe not).  That means that either we misread him for years…or that he got wind of the fact that he had a real chance at the White House and changed his demeanor to better fit the Republican party, therefore selling out everything he’d been for decades.  If that’s what happened, it frightens me that he could be in the highest seat in the nation, come next year.  Do we really want someone who’s willing to change himself on fundamental levels, just for a lick of the brass ring?  (“Lick?”  What the…?)


I stand behind Barack Obama.  He’s different from the previous generation of politicians.  The previous generation made such mistakes as the war in Vietnam, the war in Korea, Watergate, Iran Contra, etc…  Barack, on the other hand, only learned of those things in history books.  Some say that’s a lack of experience.  I say it’s an opportunity to remove the old guard and get someone in there who may not have as much experience (though, surely, he’s just as qualified as Ronald “Bedtime for Bonzo” Reagan was *cough*), but it does mean he has history on his side.  What’s that old saying?  If you do not learn from history, you are destined to repeat it?  …and how many wars/police-actions have we fought in the same basic region since 1980?  Correlation?


Look, I’m not going to say that I think Obama’s perfect.  I don’t like what he says about education.  I don’t like what he thinks about abortion.  I don’t like his ties.  But, for the other 95% of what he says, I think he’s great.  I think he’s got new, fresh ideas, and the man inspires me to be a better American and a better person.  Keep in mind, after the Gore/Bush debacle, I was defining myself as an Anarchist…so that’s saying a LOT.


I’m asking — in fact begging — if you’re still undecided, please consider Barack Obama when/if you step into the booth tomorrow.  Or, if you choose McCain, at least do so responsibly.  Don’t just go in there and flip a coin.  There’s too much riding on this one.  I don’t really know HOW someone can be undecided at this point, to be honest with you, but apparently something like 1-in-7 of you are.  Regardless of who gets elected, I really wish undecided people weren’t allowed to vote at this point.  You’re deciding the course of our nation for the next four to eight years, and you shouldn’t be allowed to do that based on a guess.  If you’re not voting for Barack, you at least owe AMERICA enough respect to be able to explain why you DID vote for McCain.  It doesn’t make you a good American to vote by guessing; in fact it makes you a really crappy one.  Sometimes it makes you a better American to NOT vote.


…but that said, I really hope the majority goes to Obama.  And I mean the majority of the ELECTORAL vote, unlike what happened to Gore.  Sigh…


Good luck tomorrow.  To all of us.


(For more on Barack, please see my post here.)

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