Daylight Whatings Huh?

Apparently Daylight Savings Time ends (or begins…I forget which) tonight. I had no clue. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t see it on someone else’s blog. Aren’t they supposed to set off sirens or something when this happens?


…no…wait…that’s tornadoes…


Still, you’d think they’d do more to mention it. I mean, a lot of people probably spent so much time and effort getting ready for Halloween that they’re going to forget all about it. Didn’t they used to have space between these things? Wasn’t it earlier or later or something?


Seriously, news media…you seriously let me down. You should’ve put it in all your programming this week. There should have been cards between programs advertizing it. “House” should have revolved around it or something. But no…I had to find out from a random blog on the Internet. I’m very disappointed, guys. I can’t even find a way to blame the Republicans for it–and believe me, I tried. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is for me?


So…do better next year…or in Spring…or whenever this happens again…

2 thoughts on “Daylight Whatings Huh?”

  1. you know how awesome it would have been if House had been all about Daylight Savings Time?! yeah, i’m not quite sure how. but there would have been a lecture about why it was instituted, and why House boycotts the changes. idk. sorry you weren’t informed except on a blog – that sucks.

  2. Could’ve somehow worked in a Vitamin D deficency. Like House’s great plan to solve it is, “Don’t worry about it. Daylight Savings ends on Saturday and you’ll get more sunlight during the hours you work. Since sunlight activates Vitamin D…etc.” 🙂

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