I’ve Been Showing My Boss Around

Fair warning: My spell checker isn’t working…


Next year, I hand the steering-wheel of the Library over to Tom Scott, who will be my new boss.  I’ll be kind of glad to be rid of the extra pressure at that point…but there are aspects I’ll miss.  (Mostly the private office.)  Over the past couple of days, he’s been on campus doing consultant work and house-hunting for the move in May.  He’s a nice guy.  I think I’ll like working for/with him.


One of the interesting things I’ve been noticing about Mr. Scott, is that he’s been very interested in finding out what our typical procedures are like.  He seems to want to adapt to SLCC rather than have us adapt to him.  That’s a good thing.  One of the things that was said to me early on in the hiring process when we were going over his resume was, “We know he can do the job, but can he do it HERE?”  From the attention he’s paying to our operations, I think he wants to.  I think he wants to integrate into the campus, rather than just move into the office.


As I said, I’m looking forward to that in a lot of ways.  I’m also looking forward to being the only one in the office that knows the filing system next year, ha ha.


Sorry that was a boring post…but it’s what’s going on.  Sometimes you have to deal with my life being dull just like I do.  🙂


Current Listening:

  • Tree By Leaf – “Postcards from Rome”

Current Watching:

  • Father Ted – Which I’ve loved for years.
  • Black Books – Which I just got.  Found the entire series online for like $40!  I’ve seen a few episodes on BBC America and liked it.  I figured I’d take a chance on the rest.  It arrives today, so I’ve technically not started watching it yet…more like “future” watching.  🙂