So this is Pretty Big…

The “this” I’m referring to in the post-title is my gut…


At the train-wreck of a gig at the Penalty Box the other night, I happened to catch my reflection in a mirror while we were unloading.  My exact words to Mike and Kenny were, “Good Lord, I’ve gotten fat!  This is ridiculous!”  Up until the last couple of years, I thought of myself as a thin guy.  Then I noticed I put on a little bit of weight when I was somewhere between 23-25.  Then about a year ago (or two?) I got depressed for a bit and got REALLY heavy (I peaked at roughly 212 lbs).  I took off a lot of that weight, getting down to a comfortable, though not TRIM 175. 


After the gig, I stepped on a scale, out of curiosity.  I didn’t believe it.  So a couple of days went by, and I stepped on a scale again.  Turns out it was right the first time.  Folks…I’m checking in at an even 200 pounds.


Now…I’m not one of these “body is a temple” douche-bags…but I also don’t want to think of myself as a fat-guy.  So…and I know this is the WORST time of year to start it…I’m going to try to shed a few pounds.  I still plan on enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas—maybe even a day or two of Hanukkah, if I get invited to the home of one of my Jewish friends.  Also, if I go to a proper restaurant (or buffet) I still plan on getting my money’s worth.  I know to some, it probably sounds like I’m already conceding defeat, or that it sounds like I should at LEAST wait until New Year’s to get going…but stay with me.


I don’t actually eat that much, normally.  It’s true.  I eat one proper meal, and usually one other small one and/or some light snacking.  True, a lot of what I eat is complete crap…but nonetheless, there’s honestly not that much of it on an average day.  I only eat like a pig when I go to a restaurant or a big dinner—which is probably biweekly at best.  So I think over-eating isn’t really the problem.  The problem is that I don’t exercise AT ALL.  So, mostly, I’m going to start doing some basic exercises.


I already do some stretches for my back just about daily, but that’s not really exercising, and it only takes about two minutes—in fact, they’re performed lying down, just before bed.  They’re really just simple leg-lifts.  (I do more when it’s in constant pain, but I do about two minutes or less regularly.)  So, I’m thinking I’m just going to add to that regimen.  I’m going to add a few additional stretches and crunches.  I’m also adding sit-ups.  Hoping to increase my exercise routine to 30-minutes a day.  Tonight, I only did like ten…but for the first night, that’s a LOT—especially for a fat, lazy bastard like me.  🙂


I’ll be posting about any progress I make.  I hope to post my weight weekly, until I reach a point that I’m comfortable.  But if I don’t…well, I’m probably embarrassed, or I’m trying to ignore the commitment…  So please feel free to ask me about it in person, or in the comments here.  But also please be kind.  The easiest way to get me to NOT do something is to nag me about it.  It’s one thing to say, “How’s the exercising going?”  It’s a whole other thing to say, “So, Derek…I can’t help but notice that your ass is still huge.  Get on a treadmill and put down the sandwich, you planet-shaped snack-whore!”  So…do the former…because the latter’s just going to make me think, “Screw it…it’s obviously not working.”  🙂


Honestly, part of this is just not being happy with how I look.  It’s a tough transition to go from thin to fat in about five years.  Also, part of it’s that I think it’ll help my back to take off a few pounds.  It’s a medical fact that thinner, physically active people have fewer back problems (except for cases of injury or chronic stress) and I HAVE noticed then getting worse lately.  …and the last part of it is that I think I actually out-weight my dad now.  For those who don’t know, my dad used to be a big-fat-dynamo.  Then a few years ago, he had a heart attack and now exercises and diets and such.  His weight fluctuates, I’m sure…but he still looks to be in better shape than I am…and I won’t have that!  …uhh…no offense, Dad.


So…October 27, 2008: 200 lbs.  10 minutes of exercise…  Hoping for better.


Current Listening:

  • Hank Williams III – Damn Right Rebel Proud. 
  • Review: Meh…  Musically great…but how much longer can III live off of making songs about how drugs and Satan are “awesome?”  Seriously, dude…switch it up a little.  You’ve got more talent than that.  Also, if I had one critique of the music, it’s that we’ve all got “Nighttime Ramblin’ Man” and “Cecil Brown.”  Please write a different progression.  But, I DO basically enjoy it…it’s just that I’m starting to feel the “I already had this record” syndrome with III.  Of course, it’s not like Hank Sr. didn’t recycle riffs…so maybe I’m nitpicking.