Thing I’ve noticed…

As regular readers (God forbid) will know, I play a LOT of gigs throughout the year.  Now and again, I’ll play somewhere that has a mirror nearby where the band sets up, and I’ll occasionally catch my reflection in it.  Turns out that my posture is atrocious.  I don’t know if it’s an all-the-time thing, or if it’s just when I’m playing.  I’m hoping the latter.


For the most part, it’s my left shoulder and my neck.  I kind of slump my right shoulder down, raise the left one and hang my neck downward, sort of like I’m leaning over my guitar.  I’m not sure if this is a new thing or if I’ve always done it.  Anyone out there who’s seen me play (God forbid) ever noticed it?  Maybe it just looks bad from the side, and from head on it’s not as noticeable…or maybe it looked fine when I had the long hair, and I just got used to it, or something.  Not sure.  But I am wondering if this has caused any of my back problems I’ve been having lately.  It does seem to have gotten worse since I’ve been gigging with the Feldman band.


Anyway…guess that’s something I’ll have to work on…and I guess I’ll get the chance, playing the double-header with Mike this weekend on Friday and Saturday.  (I don’t know why I agreed to that one…I hate back-to-back nights like that…it’s really draining, plus my weekend’s pretty much GONE as a result.  I’m going to be a ZOMBIE on Monday.)  If you’d like to come out (God forbid), ask where we are in the comments–I don’t really want to hawk that band on the blog, since I’ve got a buttload of favors to call in once the record’s out, and/or when Blue Tattoo’s gigging.


On a completely different note, I noticed that one of the search terms used to direct someone to my blog today was “Chris Difford,” who’s a member of the band Squeeze and has a really good solo record out called “The Last Temptation of Chris.”  I listed it in a recent “Current Listening” thing.  If that person returns, I just wanted to say it was cool to see someone else who was on the net looking for info on Chris instead of Glenn Tilbrook.  🙂  (Don’t get me wrong, Glenn’s awesome, but I have a weird-level of appreciation for Chris after seeing the band in concert last month, and I really enjoy the “Temptation” record.)


Current Listening:

  • Dear God, I HOPE it’s the final mix of my new record…